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Secrets of Da Vinci The Forbidden Manuscript

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Year released:
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DaVinci1.0.3_221.dmg (1.71 GB)
MD5: 3aa45a1b5d5b221188f6d14354f72d9a
For Mac OS X
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The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript is an adventure game which takes place in Italy in 1522, 3 years after Leonardo Da Vinci's death. It is not the same as the action/adventure game titled after the movie, The Da Vinci Code, but an entirely different game.

The artist and inventor Da Vinci bequeathed all of his technical notes to his student and scholarly companion, Francesco Melzi. You play the role of Melzi's apprentice, Valdo, who is sent to Da Vinci's home to find his secret notebook. Once gaining entrance to Da Vinci's residence, there are many obstacles in his way including the artist's own inventions and the puzzles that go along with them.

Using a point-and-click interface, explore the estate of Leonardo Da Vinci which is replicated on-screen in 3D. Meet and converse with the current resident of the manor and the grounds keeper. Consultations and historical documents from the Chateau du Clos Lucé (formerly the Manoir du Cloux) assisted the developers in depicting the estate and grounds with historical accuracy.

Puzzles are based on the actual works of DaVinci and are a mixed variety of mechanical, scientific and alchemic. Most require simple logic and deduction but some are triggered by discovering the correct clue. Solving puzzles inside Valdo's interactive journal is necessary as well.

The game is divided into 4 Chapters (days). There are several different endings possible depending upon decisions you make during the last portions of the game.

System requirement is
mac os x 10.4/10.5 Processor Power PC & Intel
1.6 GHZ

512 MB of Ram

The installed game use 1.89 GB Hard drive
This game not for sale at mac game store or any place else

This game universal for PPC and Intel. No Serial or No DRM. Full game

This game will work mac os x 104 and mac os x 10.5 on G4 1.25 mirror 2003 with 2 GB of Ram and Radeon 9000 128 MB or 9800 128.
This game will run on less powerful computer to run this game.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Universal - PPC & Intel