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QuickTime 3 Effects Demos

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QuickTime_Samples.sit (21.37 MB)
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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS X
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Guides on emulating older games

Apple QuickTime 3.0 brought "powerful new visual effects and transitions features" to viewers in 1998, and Apple made some demos. The 'manual' link on this page is the sample Penguin rendered image that installs with any QuickTime 3, its v3 logo is what the penguin is sporting.

This is a collection of QT3 demo media files that Apple put on OS8 & OS9.0 install CDs, this download is a way to introduce these files to folks who might not see them otherwise. With it, people can muse on these media files without having to manipulate entire Install CDs. Technically, this download is the QuickTime Samples 1.5 folder from OS 9.0 Install CD with its 2 punkrock music videos removed (they totalled over 60MB) and then 2 demo videos from OS8 in place.

Goldfish movie is named "Splash" not to be confused with "a splash movie" which is what shows up en masse if you search on the term. Movie is a square 432x432 pixels, the water has animated ripples even when the movie is paused (except the final couple seconds of the movie have the effect turned off), notice that in OSX Tiger File Info Preview the ripple effect is seen within the previewer window too. Movie Info says to "Click on the water to throw in a stone." Additional ripples occur wherever you click the mouse over water (including in the previewer and when paused) making this an interactive movie. The QuickTime v3 logo is seen on the fish food can.

Apple Headquarters (at "One Infinite Loop" Cupertino California) movie allows you to drag the view around and get info by hovering the mouse over hot-spots. Clicking on certain hot spots will transport you to that location, this movie file has only 3 "nodes" (locations) as described in its Movie Info profile. But have a seat in the cafe and eat some bluets and granola bars. Tour movie was made by David Palermo; his car is parked outside.

OfficeFire and PlanetRise are single frame scenes demonstrating Fire and Water respectively, but PlanetRise is really for demo'ing a Clouds rendering feature, and you can mouse-click the Water here too.

And there's more, like stitched photos? of an iMac and a PowerBook mimicing 3D models. Lastly, there are 3 MIDI music files by Roland that demo how lengthy and intriquite music can have tiny file sizes.

Older QuickTime v2 effects demos are on-site, in this link:
QTVR Player 1.0 (and QTVR files)
QTVR archive contains 3 older multi-node panoramic tours, filenames are "TMC" music recording studio (2 nodes), London's westside "Piccadilly" circus (3 nodes), and "alcatraz" prison on a rocky island in San Francisco Bay (many nodes with outlandish interlinking). They're all less advanced than this QT v3 Apple Campus "movie" in that all their hot spots offer no text commentaries. In QuickTime Players including in Preview windows, multinode panoramic tours can be "played" including with textual hot spots. Press the mouse control gadget that looks like an Up Arrow in order to expose where all the hot spots are at with outlined blue fields.

This link below is also an interactive QuickTime v3 movie file:
iMac puzzle

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These are QuickTime 3-era "movie" or media files, can be used on any hardware.


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by SkyCapt - 2017, October 23 - 4:57pm

Thanks! ... but now I located the whole folder and made a single download.

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by macanalista - 2017, July 22 - 6:00am

Hi SkyCapt, I found those loose movies in my computer:, and the featured on here, I uploaded the archive with the files but what I wrote about its content doesn't appears... has to be done..

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by SkyCapt - 2017, June 30 - 8:46am

If anyone has the full "QuickTime Samples 1.5" set, it could be uploaded to this page. I remember a movie file called "Office Fire" that showed off a fire effect, making a serendipitous complimentary effect to that of the water shimmer and ripple effect. I can't remember if there's smoke in with the fire.