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PUD Master

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PUD Master is an advanced map editor and modding tool for Warcraft II that runs on Classic Mac OS. You must have Tides of Darkness installed to use it but the map files work fine with Edition.

With this program you can do things like change projectiles (make soldiers shoot fireballs), change the behavior of terrain (make knights run on water), disable certain units/upgrades, and choose from different enemy AIs.

Download #1 is a PPC-only version from 2 August 1998. This appears to be the final revision, although its simultaneously released 68k equivalent is currently missing. As indicated on the author's archived site, the included manual is only complete up to the Graphics Editor chapter (subsequent chapters are blank).

Download #2 is a 68k version from 1 March 1998. This copy does not include any documentation. I tested this with Mac OS 9. It runs but appears to be quite unstable.

Architecture: 68k PPC