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Psion Chess

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MD5: da067947252207830dbdf80884757c5d
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

A very well-known chess program for the early Macintosh, Psion Chess sports stunning monochrome 3D graphics (also playable in 2D), animated sliding pieces, and an informative help system, as well as several customizable options. Some have said that Psion Chess was the most difficult computer chess game in its day. This is a must-have for any serious chess player. Once installed, you may never go back to Chessmaster!

Psion Chess won the World Microcomputer Chess Championship in 1984 and 1987.

If I were to nominate a software product of the year, it would be the new Psion Chess program that runs on the Macintosh. Run, don't walk, to the store to buy a copy of the program that plays chess so well and is programmed so superbly that it may ruin the game for generations to come. Softsel jumped on this one, so it should be all over the stores at $59.95 in no time. Less spectacular versions of the program are available for the IBM PC and Apricot.

Let's back up before I get too carried away. I found most computer chess games to be beatable when I stopped playing chess years ago. All in all, I couldn't care less about this kind of program. Psion Chess stopped me in my tracks. This game on the Mac could sell a Macintosh like Visicalc used to sell Apple IIs. It's nothing less than spectacular. I'd like to meet the person who can beat the thing consistently. The graphics and niceties are examples to all programmers of "how it should be done." Prompt bars that come and go, reversing moves, a hint function, three-dimensional graphics, near infinite depth of play, I could rave for days about this thing. Look for it.

  — John C. Dvorak, InfoWorld

Architecture: 68k


vintagegeek's picture
by vintagegeek - 2013, December 24 - 10:06pm

Great game in Mini vMac. Added some other pics related to following one of the Master Games it can replay.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, June 4 - 7:48pm

Good idea to dig this one out! I recall having been playing the game in the System2 days.
The menue can be set to 6? different languages including German. Psion Chess must have been among the very first games for Macintosh.

grawlix.computing's picture
by grawlix.computing - 2009, June 12 - 8:45pm

Oh man, seeing this game makes me remember how stupid I am. It used to stomp on me. Thanks alot IIGS_User.