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Prince of Destruction - MARS Scenario Builder Tools

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MARS_Scenario_Builder.img (6.50 MB)
MD5: 9d9befe1e0a8e597e1d3ce3c30504294
For System 7.0 - 7.6
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
This game works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

So, I see I'm answering this about 9 years after the first request...

BadgerCom released the scenario builder tools used to make Prince of Destruction, as part of their desire to allow interested users to build their own adventures. It was not the most user-friendly system. The folder has the only documentation available, the file "MARS Scenario Builder Docs" in a special format (Postcard, using Print2Pict). Having said that, just playing around, it seems that with some experimentation a motivated person could build something.

I downloaded these, along with the game, many years ago and always meant to play around with them, but never did. Enjoy!

Documentation is available in the file archive. A quick overview on how to build a scenario is on I've included this as a PDF as well:

Architecture: 68k

My memory was that the MARS Scenario Builder tools always crashed (hard!) with a PPC. I would highly recommend 68k emulation only!


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by Veneteaou - 2019, February 3 - 12:23am

Oh my god, this is it. The holy grail of missing 90s Shareware.

I wasting my weekend on this starting right now.