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MD5: 6276450020d2e96fc69933f34b427bd3
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This game works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

"Oids may be described as a cross between the classic arcade games Gravitar and Choplifter including a game editor for creating your own planetoids and galaxies.

You control a V-Wing fighter on many different planetoids to rescue and free a race of android slaves, the "Oids" of the game's title. The spacecraft controls are similar to a lunar-lander. Turn and thrust because gravity is always pulling at your ship. If your ship crashes into a mountain or any other obstruction on the ground, it will explode.

To survive against the various defenses on the planetoids (enemy spaceships, rockets and more) your ship is equipped with two different weapons and an energy shield. Flying around and using the energy shield costs fuel. You can refuel by landing next to a fuel base.

The main objective on each of your missions is to rescue all the Oids on each planetoid in the galaxy. To rescue the Oids, you must first destroy the factories in which they are held captive. Use only single shoots to avoid killing the Oids. Once you have blasted a factory open, the Oids will run out and wave to you. Find a flat surface nearby and land your ship. Once eight Oids have climbed aboard, or you have rescued all the Oids on the planetoid, it's time to dock with your mother-ship to complete your rescue mission."

This game was re-made for later operating systems by Xavagus Prime Software. (See also: OIDS 2 and OIDS.X)

Architecture: 68k

Runs in monochrome or 16 colors.


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by Bugman - 2019, February 16 - 6:40am

I remember playing this at Sun Computers when I was a kid.

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by MCP - 2012, February 1 - 6:03am

Available now is a new archive featuring the hacked version from the previous upload, a collection of "galaxies" originally uploaded to usenet, and manual and package contents in PDF.