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Mujaffa Spillet

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mujaffaspillet_v16.hqx (1.70 MB)
MD5: 3d27386b67c4a3d822dd2f9e7b1c0721
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This Game is in Danish language only.

The game plays with a certain stereotype of second-generation immigrants, and takes place in Nørrebro. In all its simplicity, the game is about cruising around Copenhagen in your BMW, while you try to score blondes and pimp your car as much as possible.

How to play the Mujaffa game
When you start out, you basically have DKK 5,000, and you now have to start pimping your BMW, your Bimmer, before you can get out and cruise for 'pussy' and gold chains, so you can collect more money and not least street respect.
There is a large selection in the store and once you have purchased what you need, you are ready to get the Bimmer on the street.
You start on Amager and drive towards the inner city. On the way, gather gold chains, score girls and greet people, while avoiding driving into people, cyclists and other drivers.
If you hit the other vehicles enough times, you "die", and you only get a status as a greengrocer assistant.
If you hit people, the trip stops immediately, and you also become a greengrocer's assistant.
The game is deeply entertaining, but can be a little difficult at first, until you learn to steer clear of obstacles and collect the points needed for you to rise in the ranks.

It goes pretty fast on the road, and you have to react quickly both when you have to collect points and dodge the many obstacles.
You use the arrow keys to move the ‘Bimmer' to the right or left and various letter keys to score ladies and greet cousin etc.
If you get enough street respect points on your trip, you can advance to scary street-hustler, local gang leader, ethnic playboy or, if you are really good top dawg gangster boss.

Architecture: PPC

Tested on Mac OS 8.6