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Miniature Golf

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (26.32 MB)
MD5: 367fb4587b0892f18faeaae4dfde4cb3
For Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
MiniatureGolf_folder.sit (2.40 MB)
MD5: d6f6cc2be6104a6d9f028d463b868397
For Mac OS 9
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This OpenGL-powered minigolf sim could be mail-ordered on the developer's website, but only to an American postal address. That made it a nice scoop for MSD-Japan's "iGame 1500" line, which turned pre-registered shareware titles into budget CD-ROMs for the Japanese market. is the MSD-Japan release. A Japanese product catalog is included, but the game itself was not localized. It remains entirely in English.

MiniatureGolf_folder.sit is a folder containing just the game and related files, extracted from the CD and ready to play.


Use the "Move" and "Rotate" buttons to, yes indeed, move and rotate the view around the golf course. The "Center" button moves the camera behind the current player's ball and aims the camera at the flag. The "Reset" button stops the current aim and shoot cycle and allows you to aim the club again. Moving around after starting to aim also resets the current aim and shoot cycle.

To swing the club in the "Arcade" mode click the mouse in the main window then move the mouse left and right to aim the club. When you think you are aimed in the correct direction click the mouse button again. This launches the target arrow down the hole. When the target arrow is at the correct distance click the mouse one last time. This will send the ball on its way. The target arrow travels down the hole as if it were on flat ground, so you have to compensate for the hills and valleys and obstacles in the way.

To swing the club in the "Realistic" mode click the mouse in the main window once and then move the mouse left or right to aim. Another click of the mouse will set the swing in motion. Now move the mouse to swing the club. The faster you move the mouse the faster the club moves on screen and hence the harder the ball will be hit when the club face hits the ball. Make sure and swing straight up and down because moving sideways will affect the ball's direction. Swinging is much more sensitive in "Realistic" mode and much more difficult. There is no target arrow in "Realistic" mode to help you aim or shoot but your score in the Hall Of Fame can be higher than in "Arcade" mode.


If you are unsure of what direction to aim the club and hit the ball, walk down and take a look around before you shoot. If an object (such as a building or a windmill) blocks the line of sight to your ball walk around and find a better angle from which to view the action.

Version: 2.0

Architecture: PPC