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Mike's Cards Lite 2

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MD5: d2ee755c8c62f152cafa16a0ce3b33ca
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older games

Mike's Cards Features:

- Over 150 card games (Solitaire, Contemporary, Casino, and Kid's)
- large graphics and full screen mode
- Slick interface to create and save your own solitaire games
- Save and load game state in mid-gameplay
- Full, elegant, in-game rules for each game
- Statistics for each game
- Customizable graphics and sounds - just drag and drop graphic and sound files into folders
- Preferences, such as easy mode, auto-play, and show all moves
- Unlimited undo/redo, and undo/redo slider bar control
- Dashboard controls to access features
- Multiple user profiles
- Unique game numbers to call up a specific deal of the cards on demand
- Find window searches for any games you're looking for
- Control-click cards to fan them out or look underneath

Architecture: PPC