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Maze Survival

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For System 1 - 5
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For System 1 - 5
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When you hear there's a game called "Maze Survival" about a maze that's crawling with bugs, it's natural to assume that your goal will be to survive those bugs.

But in fact, it's the bugs' survival you're trying to prolong. Bugs will die if they collide with each other or get trapped in dead ends, and you have to rearrange the walls to direct their traffic. Meanwhile, the maze is randomly shuffling some of its own walls, and the bugs are going through their life cycle of laying eggs and growing old.

In the February 1989 Apple 2000, Angela Wright wrote that it is "quite addictive if played for long enough, its rules are simple and clear enough to appeal to all age groups, yet it has just enough threats to encounter to pose a challenge for the player."

DL #1 is a playable disk image.
DL #2 is a nonfunctional image of a copy-protected disk.

Architecture: 68k