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Mahjong Forests

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For Mac OS X
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Mahjong, an ancient Chinese game, has already taken its 1001 forms in computer games. It was once known as Taipei, in the Windows version. Its rules are very simple: find the pairs of each piece until you clean everything.

The story of the game

Some time ago, in the forest of the kingdom of Sylvannia, a terrible sorceress named Faladra cast a spell that cursed the whole land. To steal her powers, she turned all plants, flowers and creatures into stones. Thus, the witch hid in a secret fortress. The land looked sad, and the forests closed in silence. Time passed and the people of Sylvannia lost hope.

Nobody thought they could end the terrible curse. But there was still hope. A magical amulet has long been sealed in an enchanted box. The amulet shows the secret location of the terrible witch. But the only way to open the box is to recover the ten lost treasures from the earth. Find them and recover Sylvannia's peace once and for all.

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