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MacInooga Choo-Choo

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macinooga_dsk.sit (389.90 KB)
MD5: 414dc3ffa7f055158ec3218196e423c0
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

To say that Fortnum Software's electronic train set has a sense of humor is an understatement.
- MacUser

MacInooga shipped with what might be the most extensively customized Mac OS ever to accompany a game. The icons, the control panel, and practically every string of text in the Finder were revised to fit a locomotive theme.

This download contains two disk images. The 400K disk boots into that novelty OS, but between the lack of almost any free space and System 2.0's inability to see HFS volumes, it's not very convenient for actually using the game.

Therefore, I've also prepared an 800K image which boots into vanilla 3.2, includes MacPaint for editing scenery files, and still has over 300K left to play in. You can safely copy the MacInooga folder from this disk to a hard drive and use it under System 6. However, on an HFS volume, the MacPaint documents TrainsIn, TrainsOut and The Tracks must be kept in the same folder as the application. They contain the program's basic graphics and should not be modified unless you know what you're doing.

Version: 1.0

Architecture: 68k


Snowman's picture
by Snowman - 2020, July 21 - 12:03pm

Groovy software. I'm glad you appreciate the customized gui.

If only I could get it working on my Win10 machine....
I've tried emulators, 'System Discs', you name it. I just can't get the actual software to run.