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Lunar Commando

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lunar-commando-104.hqx (1.04 MB)
MD5: 18b4622b2e09ff3c932127b98b444c35
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Lunar_Commandotm_1.0.3_Dem.sit (494.54 KB)
MD5: 0a663e05f10b95d1e5b01fe32ca1f1f7
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
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ALERT: Flying saucers from deep space are attacking our moon bases. You have been called into service to fend off the alien transgressors. Using the mouse, aim and fire rockets from your two rocket cannons, to destroy approaching saucers. Saucers that get past your defenses will plant alien pods inside the base. The pods will eventually attach themselves to the ceiling and begin to grow. Using your trusty laser pistol, you must destroy the growing pods before they mature into adult aliens. Your laser pistol will not fire in the stairwells, or in the elevator shaft. Plan accordingly. The adult aliens are less than friendly. A negotiated settlement is not possible. Keep your laser handy.

In a 1-player game, each wave is separated into two segments - a saucer-attack segment, followed by an alien-extermination segment. In a 2-player game, the saucers and pods act simultaneously. One player must man the guns while the other player patrols the interior of the moonbase. Extra commando every 20,000 points.

. . . --- in-game instructions

Architecture: PPC

v1.0.4 does Not work in emulators.


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, September 8 - 12:07am

@ThinkIndifferent You must have based your vid upon v1.0.3 or less (because you used an emulator?) for reviewing that this game doesn't have enough variety. v1.0.4 adds more Blue and Pink aliens in addition to Green, the new aliens behave more dangerous than Green, and it also added 2 more types of saucer which are almost impossible to hit.

This game is made entirely of Mac OS Resources. In ResEdit, view the PICT resources to see the fewer aliens and saucers of v1.0.3 compared to everything in v1.0.4

I think Lunar Commando was inspired by Galaga. These two-segmented stages are like Galaga's Approach segment followed by its StandOff segment in each wave, and, the first bonus round appearing after stage two is a Galaga thing too. The bonus rounds themselves are totally like Galaga's. And when a single alien breaks formation, burns nitro, moving 2x or 3x faster than the swarm ... yup, Galaga.

Play hint: beware of rockets from left cannon and from right cannon colliding into each other, then two of your shots will cancel out and not down any saucers.

I just played the Demo (has the first 3 waves only) v1.0.3 in OSX Classic Environment. Tiger had graphics that were way too slow, I needed Jaguar (OSX 10.2.8) to make it play well. And of course v1.0.4 in OS9 is the greatest, no need to register it when resetting the 30 day expiry how already described.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 18 - 1:47am

I can run the v1.0.4 natively in OS 9 but not in OSX Classic Environment (Tiger), gives that error -35. A lot of the DRM texts if u HexEdit read the software is scary looking enough that I wouldn't allow this game on my golden apple, but game is too kuul to pass by. Thanx for your demo vid, I also watched yer "humpback" (camel) demo heh.

ThinkIndifferent's picture
by ThinkIndifferent - 2017, February 14 - 9:40am

I've been trying to get a registered version of this game with not much luck. I even contacted the creator but...

Some bad news, the creator got back to me with this message: "I really would like to help you, but alas, the source code for that game is likely lost forever. If it turns up, I will try to remember to let you know, but don't be hopeful. Around the time I finished that game, I was coming to the realization that it wasn't going to be possible for me to make a living writing little arcade games for the Mac, so I put that whole plan behind me and forgot about it. I also have no idea what to do about the Pace Anti-Piracy DRM (Interlok, if I remember correctly). Sorry I can't help you more. :|"

I have a backup plan, and that is to use money to put a "bounty" on the game. I'll post about it at a few places and offer the cash to whoever can crack the game, using my Patreon money.

Also, 1.0.3 and earlier work in an emulator! But they are very content limited when unregistered.

ThinkIndifferent's picture
by ThinkIndifferent - 2016, November 15 - 11:15pm

Recorded a video of this game!

Bugman's picture
by Bugman - 2012, May 19 - 11:53pm

Dang, I remember playing this way back in the day. I thought it was also content-limited, as well as time-limited. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm having the same trouble with emulation, getting an error 35, "volume doesn't exist." When I tried running it from the shared Unix drive, it crashed the system with an error 10 (I think it was 10.) Dang.

SAHunterMech's picture
by SAHunterMech - 2011, May 28 - 10:11pm

As far as I can tell (which isn't very far), the game doesn't seem to want to work in an emulated environment; it seems to be searching for a disk of some kind that isn't there.

How exactly would one go about hacking this game open?

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2010, September 16 - 1:57pm

Error -35 :
-35 nsvErr No such volume; volume not found

It seems the game is searching for a disk it doesn"t found.
Maybe the install / play disk must be inserted for the game to work ?

SAHunterMech's picture
by SAHunterMech - 2010, September 15 - 5:21pm

I seem to be having a problem with this game. Instead of the game booting up at all, I simply get a -35 error. Is this a problem with my setup or is it a problem with the file?

Flight Trainer's picture
by Flight Trainer - 2009, August 22 - 10:58pm

First, trash your copy of Lunar Commando. When this is done, download Lunar Commando again from
Macintosh Garden and put the unopened zip file on a diskette. ALWAYS keep this file unopened BUT download a copy of the unopened file onto your Mac and the one on your Mac is the one you play...
Once your thirty days are expired, make a copy of the unopened file from your master Lunar Commando diskette and repeat. You can do this every thirty days forever because the time on the game doesn't start until it is opened! Smile Macintosh Garden is AWESOME!!!

Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2009, August 17 - 11:00pm

Can you do that even if the game has already expired once? I installed the copy on this page last night, but it remembered that I had used up the trial period years ago and wouldn't play. There's no obvious sign of anything Lunar Commando or Smokin Software-related anywhere on the system.

Flight Trainer's picture
by Flight Trainer - 2009, August 17 - 3:21am

You can copy the original downloaded file onto an external flash drive or diskette and duplicate it
on your computer every thirty days. This only takes a few minutes and the game is good forever.
Lunar Commando is extremely addicting!

Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2009, August 17 - 1:52am

This is a time-limited demo, which refuses to open at all once it expires. The author stopped accepting registrations years ago, to the disappointment of many. Due to the odd registration system, which generates a "challenge" code unique to each computer, it will probably need to be hacked open. Volunteers?