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In one of the first examples of interactive folk art, LOVEDISK 95 was Karl Ackermann and Paul Kim's thesis project at the Rhode Island School of Design. It started as a way to explore interface issues and learn Macromedia Director. Their devotion to the program inspired them to create most of the art in the Director paint box. The piece became a vehicle for the creators to work together on something they loved and to share that love with others. The only thing spent on LOVEDISK was time. Karl and Paul spent a large part of their senior year working on it and have been touching it up ever since.

Requiring users to search for potatoes and shoot kryptonite cannonballs at Superman, "Love Disk 95" is a hilarious adventureland you explore as an animated puppy. The happy mutt finds a world of cute tidbits such as a teeny TV showing a one-second animation of a singing bar of soap (I watched this part 10 times).