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Little Shop of Treasures 2

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Little_Shop_of_Treasures_2.dmg (31.19 MB)
MD5: a9f654b368678d2ac677f6b7c4870111
For Mac OS X
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MD5: d9fdd264feb45c93ee72c0df85661f68
For Mac OS X
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Little Shop of Treasures 2

Little Shop Of Treasures 2 is a hidden object game where the player takes the role of a shop clerk, finding objects for several costumers. Each location is a screen filled with assorted paraphernalia, representing a different shop. Five customers keep appearing at the bottom, and speech balloons over their heads show the names of the required objects.

Each object found adds a star in a meter at the top, with a minimum of 10 to complete the stage. If the player repeatedly clicks on wrong spots, the cursor is disabled for a few seconds. The hint button shows images of the objects instead of words inside the balloons. Extra hints can be collected, hidden in the scenery as ? marks.

This game not for sale at mac game store and this mac game not for sale at GameHouse. GameHouse sell this game for windows only.

This universal for PPC and Intel


License name scott praed
License code

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Universal - PPC & Intel