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Little shop - Big City

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Little_Shop_Big_City.dmg (37.90 MB)
MD5: ee26d732675644b62053bdf275e23a28
For Mac OS X
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MD5: e837c68e98777fa5b96a43511f11d90f
For Mac OS X
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Little Shop - Big City

Little Shop: Big City is a hidden object game, where the objective is to fulfill a series of customer orders, shown as cartoon characters with speech balloons at the bottom of the screen, within a time limit. Each level takes place in a different shop on a week day, where items are scattered around and the player must perform the shop clerk duties by finding and clicking on all the required objects. A minimum of 10 orders have to be fulfilled before closing time to receive the bronze star and successfully complete each scene and move to the next shop. Completing all the orders gives a gold star and a bonus round, where the player must find one extra item. Game progress is shown as small renovations performed weekly to an old movie theater, slowly transforming it into a movie memorabilia store.

Besides the customer items, other bonus objects can be found on the locations. Sock monkeys and pigeons are found on every scene, exploding in an shower of bananas and feathers when clicked. The player receives a trophy after finding all of them. The ? marks are placed discreetly on the scenery, and can be collected for extra hints. The thermometer shows descending icicles and growing flames on the customer speech balloons, indicating the distance between the required objects and the cursor. The hint button replaces the objects names with images for a limited time.

All locations completed in the main adventure mode are unlocked in the Blitz mode, where the objective is to collect every single object from each scene as fast as possible.

This game not for sale at mac game store and not for sale any place else

This game universal for PPC and Intel.


License name scott praed
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Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Universal - PPC and intel