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Last Contact

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MD5: 33fcfb99a0665847786d7150d8b2bef4
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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This is a network-multiplayer-only title that could be summarised as a 360 degree Missile Command VS. Up to six players can pelt each other with bombs.

The goal of Last Contact is to destroy everyone else's cities without letting your own cities be destroyed by the other players. Each player starts with four cities.

In the center of each player's area is their planet. The player's cities are on this planet. The colored circle surrounding the planet is the force shield. The power sources for the shield are inside the cities. As the cities are destroyed, the shield shrinks. At the top of the player's area is the energy bar. The amount of energy in this bar governs what the player can do. In the bottom right corner of the local player's area is the energy core meter. This displays the number of energy cores that you currently have.

To launch a bomb at another player, click anywhere in that player's area outside of the force shield. The further from the player's planet that you fire, the less energy it costs to launch. If you click and drag you can launch faster moving bombs, but faster bombs cost more energy. Bombs are affected by the planet's gravity, so even bombs that are initially stationary will eventually hit the planet.


This game lacks a registration code, which limits gameplay features and plasters nags in unused player spots. If you have a valid code, please post it on this page and remove this notice.


Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

System Requirements