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Kitty Spangles Solitaire

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Kitty_Spangles_Solitaire.app_.sitx (10.30 MB)
MD5: 18f5cb6184f49aef36c1d1259cfc2b2b
For Mac OS X
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Kitty Spangles Solitaire is the premier solitaire suite for your Mac featuring 46 great games, including Klondike, Canfield, Freecell, Spider, Penguin, Pyramid, Golf, and Gaps.

Kitty and her friends bring style to one of the world's most popular games. Choose a look to suit your mood, with three card styles and a dazzling range of beautifully designed and animated themes.

Develop some healthy competition with your family and friends by creating and comparing any number of player profiles. Kitty will remember your progress, scores and statistics, including games played and won, the amount of time played, and much more.

Kitty was made on a Mac, for the Mac, by Mac lovers. Using the latest Mac technologies, Kitty's window can be seamlessly resized to suit your solitaire lifestyle.

Name: Special [K]
Note: Set date back to 17th December 2009

Architecture: PPC


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by AssortedSordid - 2020, October 4 - 2:59am


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by scott Praed - 2020, September 23 - 3:00am

I have buy this game from swoop software but my serial don't work anymore but serial fix the problem with my game. By way Swoop software is no longer in business but website is up. They said will be sending new serial all games on their website. If tried you tried demo of game without serial and browser will launch this message.

Swoop Software games are no longer being sold.
With sadness, we have removed our games from sale.
We are no longer able to maintain our games or provide support to a standard that our players deserve. The games have become dated, and have issues running on modern versions of macOS.
Ideally, we would like to release new versions of our games, free of Serial Number restrictions. We are unable to do this, so are instead working on an automated Serial Number system, available to everyone. Please bear with us while we make that happen.
Thank-you to our wonderful customers, testers and translators. We greatly appreciate all the enthusiasm and support you have shown us over the years.
Best wishes,
David and Sheryn.