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Kingfisher - 101 Amazing Things To Do with Your Computer - Activities CD

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Kingfisher_101_Activities.cdr_.sit (8.31 MB)
MD5: 95e905b5f59cb972d11c12fd75a134b2
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older games

This CD-ROM accompanies the book entitled 101 Amazing Things To Do with Your Computer by Kingfisher. It contains is an activity program, which has been simply designed using HyperStudio, a multimedia authoring program easy enough for children. There are seven main activities on the CD-ROM which help children to learn in a dynamic way about the useful and creative things that a computer can do: Digital Grapher allows them to make simple graphs which turn easily into colourful pie charts; Digital Games enables children to design their own board games and play them on screen; and Digital Photofit lets them create a gallery of fantastic faces that they can develop further in a painting package. One of the advantages of using HyperStudio is that children can share the activities with other children by making a player disc, very useful when they want to send each other locked secret codes which they have devised using the Digital Codes activity or a multimedia Greetings Card. As well as the activity program, there are files that can be opened in any standard paint packages, which are really templates for children to develop their own ideas. There are templates to help you make paper aeroplanes, name cards, mini kites and even playing cards. These can be decorated with the 100 clip-art images included with the disc. (this review)

The CD was originally a Mac/PC hybrid, but the disc image here is for the Mac partition only.

Architecture: 68k