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Kids Arcade Pak

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Guides on emulating older games
  • Large, color-coded function buttons and voice instruction enable kids to get started quickly for hours of endless fun!
  • Plus, you can change the difficulty levels and adjust the speed for your child's individual skill level.
  • Each game contains brightly colored graphics and awesome sounds that add excitement to these unique versions of the best arcade classics.

MACMAN KID: Help MacMan Kid eat his way through a twisting maze. Rack up points by munching on dots, energizers, and bonus yummies while avoiding the pesky ghosts (like Pac-Man).

GARLIC PRESS PINBALL: Keep your hands on the flippers and your eyes on the ball! Garlic Press Pinball was designed with slower play, great sounds and tons of scoring bonuses!

DIAMONDS FOR KIDS: One of the most popular arcade games is now made just for kids! Diamonds for Kids is a Breakout style game in which your mission is to move the bouncing ball through each challenging level.

PEGLEG FOR KIDS: PegLeg for Kids is a Galaxian-like game just for kids. The ultimate mission is to chase off the swarms of alien invaders. An outstanding challenge.

GUMBALLS: Gumballs is a Tetris-style game for kids! Get three or more gumballs of the same color in a row and watch them disappear. The graphics in this game are truly delicious.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.


Requires Mac OS 7.0 or higher.