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MD5: e6e3015baa10b81cf61d5cf0b7e869a3
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MD5: bf80d2dc3520ac14e93a8277bf199949
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MD5: 40abdacfb608524895f281222b3bbe49
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MD5: 719d79a4160e49f23490df8f31776315
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iPoker is a poker game that allows you to play virtually every variation of poker that has ever been created with many table, cards, dealer and player choices. It was written by Todd Ouzts, author of PowerPOKER and, like PowerPOKER, is sub-titled The Ultimate Poker Simulation. Some background about the game is here.

DL #1 is version 1 for Classic Mac (PPC) released in 1998.

DL #2 is iPoker 2000 (v. 1.1) for Classic Mac (PPC) released in (you guessed it) 2000. It contains 80 poker variations.

The above are unregistered versions. I can see no obvious way to update them to registered copies with a registration code. So it seems that the code provided with DL #2 cannot be used.

DL #3 is version 2.1.5 released in 2002. It is for PPC Macs and Mac OS X 10.2 at least. There was another v. 2.1.5 for Mac OS 8 & 9 but I cannot find it.

DL #4 is version 3.2.6 released in 2004. It is for PPC Macs and Mac OS X 10.2 at least.

DL #5 is the last version (4.3.1) released in 2008. It is a Universal Binary for PPC and Intel Macs and requires Mac OS X 10.4 minimum.

An online manual is here and a list of 100 poker games in iPoker from 2004 is here.

Architecture: PPC