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Interpol - The Trail of Dr. Chaos

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Interpol.dmg (70.28 MB)
MD5: eca0b8bbf67a236cf380ae3dc92e4b6f
For Mac OS X
This game is still available from its publisher
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A mysterious and dangerous criminal believed to have been in hiding for over a decade, has suddenly re-surfaced. The target of your mission is Dr. Vladimir Chaosky, aka Dr. Chaos. Agencies have been trying to track him down since the Cold War, and now, more than ever, you must bring him to justice. Your mission is to apprehend the evil doctor through global investigative work. Your expertise in tracking fugitives and analyzing crime scenes will help you succeed.
• Cleverly hidden objects.
• Great mini-games.
• Travel all over the globe.

This Game not for sale at mac game store. But Big Fish has there game for sale.

I tried buy the game from big Fish and the game manager will download and installed but the demos or purchased game will not download. I look at support at big Fish games found the Game manager is available for PC and intel mac for downloads. You can purchased the Big fish game at website on intel mac only.

The developer is Tik Games.

This game is universal for PPC and intel.


License name scott praed
License code

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Universal - PPC & intel