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Hoyle Board Games 3

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Hoyle_Board_Games_3.sit (15.71 MB)
MD5: cb2de8803e4ebb2ad0df360922f18ca1
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

14 games in 1. Includes:

This is version 3.1

See Also: Hoyle Classic Games, Hoyle Card Games 3, Hoyle Board Games 2001, Hoyle Card Games 2001

Architecture: PPC

Can run in 256 colors, but it was designed to run in thousands or more.


themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, September 8 - 7:48am

@equant, you wouldn't know where Hoyle Card Games 4.0 for Mac would be available? It was released in 1999 as well, I believe.

I have purchased 2003 (Mac and PC) and 2008 (Mac only). Neither of these have anywhere near the simplistic play style, and AI of the 1999 4.0 version (HCG 2001).

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2010, September 6 - 10:14pm

Nice graphics but overbaked and fairly excruciating to play. Still sux compared to stock Windows backgammon.

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2009, August 29 - 12:26am

This game pack is excellent,
I've been playing it since I downloaded it,
and I'am impressed how well done it is.

MacWise's picture
by MacWise - 2009, August 5 - 10:18pm

This is great! Thanks for the upload equant.