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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Harry_Potter.toast_.sit (350.24 MB)
MD5: faa7a96a9a8e29914007d9c84c16861c
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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Harry_Potter_101update.sit (2.16 MB)
MD5: dbc919fa96f0b611281170c78bd2fc97
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (7.62 MB)
MD5: 290e55d3537a808e9516e38d32aa645c
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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Nearly everyone knows about Harry Potter, the little child wizard from the books by J.K. Rowling. In this action adventure game, you are Harry Potter and play through the story of the first book (and the movie), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (aka Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). You arrive at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry where you will learn how to cast spells, create potions and how to fly the broomstick. When you are ready, you'll have to find and retrieve the Sorcerer's Stone which is in danger - "he-who-must-not-be named" wants it too. (MobyGames)

Download #1 is an image of the installer disc for version 1.0 of the game

Download #2 is the updater to version 1.0.1

Download #3 is a small "noCD" image, tested works in OS X and should work in OS 9 too. You mount this image to the Mac Desktop before launching the game, you save storage capacity by not having to keep the big original disc image which would also work to launch.


(notes from garden user 'SkyCapt':)
This game is one of the greatest for 3D immersion on PowerPC using OpenGL done extremely well. It's got everything going for it. Not only are the gameplay and story great, but it's great for many technical reasons also.

HP (made 2001 thru 2002) video rendering can be scaled up to high resolutions which push the best PowerPC hardware (made thru 2006) to their edge of ability. Read-on below for more about this.

HP is using what's known as the "Unreal Tournament" render engine, a particularly good version of UT at that. The advantage is UT had and still does have a large following online, so websearches or joining the UT'ers yields a wealth of information on tricking out or cheating Harry Potter based on just applying the more well known things Unreal Tournament has to offer. Read-on below for more about this.

HP defaults to being limited to no more than 1024 X-axis video resolution, based on the ability of contemporary year 2001/2002 hardware. Most of us who use newer hardware will want to play higher. Here's what I recommend.

You will need to edit a file which doesn't exist at first. If the first thing you do is launch HP without the discless or disc image mounted then HP will create the necessary file "Harry Potter/HP.ini" and Quit without playing. Now edit this file going to the bottom of it and near the end you'll see this line "MaxRes=1024". I recommend changing this to "MaxRes=2560" a well known and very large resolution. This won't at first affect how HP plays. It might not offer any better resolutions from the HP options menu, that may depend on your particular graphics config. What it does do is lets you additionally input custom resolutions higher than 1024. I missed seeing this text line first, which is why the "Screenshot 2" here is 1000X1600 resolution when I could have showed off even more and presented 1200X1920 (my display's native res).

Now you can try forcing Harry Potter to any resolution desired. The choices in-game at the options menu might be no good choices, so further edit the "HP.ini" file to set these two lines "FullscreenViewportX=" and "FullscreenViewportY=" to whatever you desire, even if Y>X, called "Portrait mode video" how seen in Screenshot 2 after I rotated my HDTV hardware ninety degrees and software Tiger System Preferences Displays ninety degrees.
Some desired resolutions you try might not work fully and possess a distorted aspect ratio, ymmv. The game menus and opening movie could play distorted while the actual gameplay is ok in your desired res, so give it some time (as I don't know a way to skip this long intro, other than launching saved games).

The combination of high resolution and ninety degree rotation reveals an interesting thing about my hardware. The portrait video mode does render significantly better and faster (higher frame rate) than the equivalent resolution at standard (landscape aspect ratio) video mode. Nature would have the opposite effect, slightly, due to X-axis computer algorithms being more efficient than Y-axis ones. So I believe the way I get a big difference that opposes the natural order is as follows: my video card natively internally draws with rotation already, and when placed into "standard" landscape mode it actual internally draws WITH rotation which involves a conversion algorithm is inserted into the video generator execution. Rotated, already, is how my graphics card was built.

Ninety degrees rotation into portrait video mode is giving me a major performance edge over standard video. Individual graphics card drivers and configs could differ for yourself and therefore have standard be the better renderer. Using Harry Potter might be how you gamers will find this out.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 8.6, 9.x, Mac OS X


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 24 - 5:33am

3 cheats that do not need even debug mode.
They're typed in while the game is played, like "harrydebugmodeon", you can't type too fast or too slow, each keystroke must be 'enunciated' clearly.

harrygetsfullhealth - hard to type while being attacked...
harrynormaljump - jumps forward once, a lot higher and farther than normal.
harrysuperjump - jumps forward once, like a half mile if you hit nothing!


Here's another standard UT Console command that works wonders, doesn't need official Cheats enabled:
Type "playersonly" in the console - all motion stops except Harry can still move and full health can be keyed for without the pressure. Oddly the camera stops following Harry and we need to say "playersonly" again to resume.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 24 - 5:36am

Spectacular game for cheats too!
There's a Debug mode and a Cheats mode. You must be in Debug mode to additionally get into Cheats mode, though there is some cheating that can be done with just the debugger.

Two ways into Debug mode, the best is to edit the file "Harry Potter/HP.ini" and change the text (near the bottom?) that has "bDebugMode=" from False to True. If when playing you decide you don't want debug mode on, you can instantly leave debug mode by pressing F7. Then while in play, to return to debug mode or to get there for the first time (this is the second technique), press the keys spelling "harrydebugmodeon" - a game must be in play for debug mode keys to be recognized.

Advantages of Debug mode!
You can press Space or hold Spacebar to skip or fastforward any movies/cutscenes.
Select any Level to Start with using one of 3 new Main Menu choices.
F8 : make the game-engine Camera move.
F9 : change the FSAA mode (full scene anti aliasing) among "1", "2", "4"
F10 : add a PICT screenshot to the "Harry Potter" folder.
F11 : show your score and inventory.
F2,F3,F4,F5 : teleport Harry to various places.
Toggle access to the Unreal Tournament ("UT") console window by pressing tilde (~) or tick (`).
The Console is used for additional cheating.

In the UT Console window, some of the original set of UT tweaks can be performed without having to enter Cheats mode. Like "slomo" for slow/fast motion, in this game "slomo 1" is normal, "slomo" and "slomo 0" are the same slow motion, but "slomo 2" and greater numbers are increasingly faster speeds without limit. Another would be "behindview 0" vs."behindview 1" to either see through harry's eyes or have the camera follow behind Harry, the command is recognized by the console but not implemented. Typing "exit" and "quit" instantly kills the game app same as Cmd+Q.

To activate Cheats mode, type this is the Console:
"set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true"
This string usually is given a shorthand macro, if anyone knows the fast command, do tell.
Some of the standard UT cheats work, "fly" and "ghost" and "walk" to end those, though Harry constantly animates himself when flying which makes movement awkward in this game. You can see that "fly" and "ghost" commands do nothing until Cheats mode is turned on.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 24 - 1:38am

dL #3 discless: you could keep the 350MB CD toast image mounted, to allow run, but a space saving abbreviated image 9.5 MB in size was built and uploaded here, it should work in both OS9 and OSX. This was its recipe: create a folder named "Harry Potter", and copy the "Sounds" folder from the CD to the Harry Potter folder. Then use Disk Copy v6.3.3 in OS9 to create an image from this "Harry Potter" folder. Rename the new file "Harry Potter discless.img" or whatever to your liking.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 24 - 1:22am

Plays amazing with 90 or 270 degree screen rotation into "Portrait mode" using OSX 10.4 Tiger (OSX Leopard ain't where it's at, tho maybe this trick helps...) The resolution of your choice can be configured manually by editing the little text file "Harry Potter/HP.ini" to set your own values for "FullscreenViewportX" & "FullscreenViewportY". I've uploaded a 1000x1600 1:1.6 HD portrait screenshot! The file HP.ini doesn't exist originally because game must be run at least once to create it, giving it defaults. It says game uses the "Unreal Tournament" 3d Engine, so plenty of cheeting can be done, too.

My screen resolution is huge 1920x1200 and no large G4 3d games work well at that high resolution, slow plus the graphical 'detail' looks "maxed out" when the game play resolution is equal to the HD screen res. Lowering a game's res below the screen's native res is an improvement, on my 1920x1200 screen it's obvious a 960x600 game is too low and looks bad, it turns out 1600x1000 (and 1000x1600) draw excellent on my system with good speed, smoothness, focus, plus the illusion that every screen pixel is independent.