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Habitactics.dmg (159.75 MB)
MD5: bc6e3d2985a96506ba5c8a02cc726cab
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older games

A guide to the game for Macintosh Users

To use this game you need to have System 7 or newer, 4MB of memory in
addition to your system software’s memory, and a monitor running 256 colors.
(If you don’t have QuickTime™ now, you’ll need 5MB of RAM in addition to your
current system software.) You also, of course, need a CD-ROM player.

To install:
1. Put the CD in your CD-ROM drive. Double-click on the CD icon to open it.

2. You need QuickTime in your extensions folder to run the game. If you’re not
sure whether you already have QuickTime™, then drag the QuickTime™
icon from the CD-ROM into your system folder on your hard drive. (If you
have a Power PC then you also need to drag the QuickTime Power Plug file
into your system folder.)

3. If you have an older version of QuickTime™, you’ll be asked if you want to
replace it in your extensions folder with this version. Click “yes.” (If you
already have a newer version on your Mac, say no and go on to #5.)

4. If QuickTime wasn’t there, it will be now. You must restart your computer,
though, to make QuickTime™ active.

5. You can play the game from your CD-ROM by double-clicking on the
Habitactics icon and beginning. The game will play more quickly, though,
(especially if you don’t have a quad-speed CD player) if you do the next

6. Check to make sure that you have 17MB free disc space on your hard drive.
(To do that, you click once on the hard drive icon and then click on "File"
in the upper left of the top screen bar and drag down to "Get Info."
When you release, a screen will say how many megabytes (MB) are on
your disk. When you subtract that number from total size of your hard
drive, you'll have the number of megabytes left to use.)

7. If you do have at least 17MB free, then double-click on your hard drive icon,
and click on "File" again at the top of the screen and select "New Folder."
Name the folder by clicking once on it and waiting until the name below is
highlighted, then type: Habitactics

8. All you have to do now is drag two items from your CD-ROM to
that new folder on your hard drive. Drag the Habitactics icon
and both to the hard drive folder. (These include
some of the art animations, pictures, and the general game program.)
All the sounds, video clips, narration, etc. will stay on your CD-ROM, so
you need to be sure you have the CD-ROM in the CD drive when you want to
play the game.

9. To start the game, double-click on the Habitactics icon in the folder
now on your hard drive. And play!

To Play the Game

Short Game
Habitactics is two conservation games in one: in the short game, you match
animals and plants to the habitats they use the most. It's quick to do. When the
short game begins, it automatically gives you a mix of all species. But if you just
want to see birds, for instance, then you can click on that icon on the left side
of the short game screen. (There are only a few reptiles, amphibians and insects,
so don't be confused that there aren't equal numbers of each species).

In both games, there are buttons you can click to see, hear or read more.
Click on the "?" button to learn more about creatures or habitats.
Click on the megaphone/sound button to hear an animal call.
Click on the movie projector button to see a video clip of an animal.

In both games there is also a "Help" button which tells you how to play the game.
There is also an "Options" button which has three choices: 1) if you click off the
"sound effects," then you won't hear the music, animal sounds, etc.; 2) if you
click off the "voice," then you won't hear the narrator say the text; and 3) if
you click off the "extra help for novice users" then you won't get hint help on the
short game for individual species.

Long Game
In the long game, you take care of land near a city that has six different habitats:
stream, marsh, field, cave, north-facing woods, and south-facing woods. Your
mission is to improve the habitat so more kinds of creatures can live there,
and people can enjoy visiting the land and all its life, too.

You play it by clicking on the tools on the left side of the long game screen
and dragging to select a choice from those that appear. (Some of the tools are
not active during parts of the game. The inactive tools aren't as brightly lit as
the tools that you can use at that moment.)

If you do meet the minimum requirements listed at first, but still have
a problem with the game (and if you're not having problems with other CD
games) the main problem will probably be that you don't have QuickTime as an
active extension. Or you have set your monitor to millions of colors instead of
256 colors (millions of colors may slow the art animation down or create odd
color problems in some of the art).

If those are all correct, and if you did make a new folder on your hard drive,
make sure the spelling of its name, "Habitactics" is correct. Make sure you have
dragged the icon for Habitactics and the file called "" both
into that folder.

It is possible that an occasional CD-ROM has defects. If your other CD-ROMs are
working, but this one is does not, and your hardware does meet the minimum
requirements for playback, then you can call 314/751-4115 and ask for
Extension 205 to discuss a replacement.

If you'd like to make any comments about the game in general, write to:
Habitactics, Missouri Dept. of Conservation, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO,
65102-0180. This was our first conservation CD-ROM, so we want to learn
what we can do to make the next one better.

Architecture: 68k PPC


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by mrdav - 2020, April 9 - 4:02am

@atomp97: Thank you for this. However the dmg file is not compatible with systems on which the game will play. Also you have only archived the Mac part of the CD. Can you please upload either a .iso image of the CD (I suggest using ImgBurn in Windows) or a Toast image on a Mac. Either option will capture both the Mac and the PC parts of the CD