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Glypha III

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glypha-1.1.sit (613.01 KB)
MD5: ad06bf2a4c230545fef761b2c9f038b8
For Mac OS X
This game works with: QEMU

This is Glypha III for Mac OS X, as found on Apple's original website as archived on the Wayback Machine in 2001.

The classic Egyptian-based arcade game originally coded by John Calhoun returns to MacOS X. In this game, which Mac fanatics will no doubt remember from the days of the 68k processor, you are placed inside an Egyptian temple with only your lance and winged steed to aid you, here you are forced to do battle with Sphinxes in order to gain the honour of a place on the High Scores list. Complete with animated graphics, the program and its code are now released as Public Domain software for unconditional use by the public.


Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

OSX 10.1 (Puma) or later