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Garage: Bad Dream Adventure

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garage.iso_.sit (319.33 MB)
MD5: eedf750e6a47de77b1b855e1e26dd2a4
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
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This Japanese game was originally released in limited numbers (3,000 units). The point-and-click game, directed by Tomomi Sakuba, features bizarre, surreal, often nightmarish (as the title implies) and sometimes graphic imagery. The player controls a small alien-like robot, maneuvering their way through a barren, foreboding landscape of cracked wood panelling and old, rusting machinery, complete with creepy, lifeless faces. The eerie background music (or lack thereof, at times) only adds to the sense of impending danger, making for a very unsettling atmosphere. (Description from The Lost Media Wiki)

Hybrid Mac/PC .iso image, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

The map is here.

Architecture: 68k PPC x86 (Windows)

Mac OS 8
640 x 480 display


yamnew_is_dead's picture
by yamnew_is_dead - 2020, February 4 - 12:40pm

I played on my iMac G4 Classic Environment(OS 9.2.2) and after the opening movie, the pop-up window with some random characters says "#getaProp" then cannot play anymore.
Any suggestions please?

baku's picture
by baku - 2015, September 28 - 10:36pm

Updated with higher quality manual (thanks to original uploader)

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2014, March 29 - 2:11am

This is a Japanese game, but I couldn't resist grabbing it off Adventure Legends because it is so rare, and because it is effectively a work of art. The person who purchased this copy, when it came up for sale recently, paid about $1000 and was generous enough to make a copy of it, complete with cover art, available to others.