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frogger.sit (194.86 KB)
MD5: 1f869916c1064eda982b1448446146ee
For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

Help Frogger across the river in this official port of the popular arcade game. It's quite playable, but watch out for its numerous quirks...

  1. No matter who wins a two-player game, the computer will always declare that Player Two won.
  2. After every game, the application quits - and since it's the startup application, immediately relaunches itself.
  3. The default movement keys are capital I, J, K, and L - which means you have to have Caps Lock on in order to use them.
  4. You can change the controls, but the app will forget them as soon as it quits... which, remember, is after every single game. Much easier to give in and turn on Caps Lock.
  5. Mouse control is also available, which I'll let a contemporary reviewer describe:

The frog doesn't point where it's aimed — it points in the last direction it moved. You have to look at that little arrow you see below to find out which direction the frog will go on its next jump.

Needless to say, it's just a little distracting to have to keep looking down at that arrow. Common sense tells you the frog will jump in the direction it's pointing in, and it's frustrating beyond belief to be watching logs go by in one direction and turtles in another, and looking out for lady frogs and insects, and worrying about when the turtles will decide to dive (they do that) and dump you in the water, and then - when you push the button at just the right moment - have the frog jump left, or right, or backwards, because you happen to have subconsciously moved the mouse a micron or so in that direction.

- Arthur Naiman, MacBook

Important: This game is not compatible with the Macintosh Plus (or anything newer). To emulate it, you will need the Mac 128K or 512K variation of Mini vMac (and a matching ROM.)

Also important: If playing in Mini vMac, you will need to set the emulator's speed to 1x. While holding the Control key, type the letters S Z.

Version: Unknown

Architecture: 68k


GroupB's picture
by GroupB - 2012, December 10 - 8:15am

Added a shot of the original floppy.

gruz's picture
by gruz - 2012, April 13 - 7:08am

yoyomac's hex hack confirmed working on a physical Mac SE. (Though it won't boot from disk if you change the App's name from Finder) I love this game, thanks!

Edit: Had an issue where keyboard controls weren't working and the mouse control stopped working after the first stage, only when booted off the disk. I solved this by replacing the disk's System file with a slimmed down version of 6.0.3. (I removed the snd resource and the Times fonts to make it fit on the 400K disk.)

yoyomac's picture
by yoyomac - 2011, May 9 - 12:45am

To make this game playable on Mac Plus (4 M RAM) change CODE resource ID 2 in executable 'Finder' as follows:

0007 FD00 to 003F FD00 ... address of sound buffer (1 occurence)
0007 A700 to 003F A700 ... address of main screen buffer (6 occurences).

Note that for different RAM configurations the first word must be changed as follows:
512K ... 0007
1MB ... 000F
2MB ... 001F
2.5MB ... 0027
4MB ... 003F

You may want to change the name of the executable in the downloaded dsk file from 'Finder' to something else to avoid confusion, 'Frogger' sounds appropriate. Confirmed to work under system 6 in minivmac and on a physical Mac Plus. Enjoy.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, April 11 - 4:44am

Thank you very much for adding this one! Smile

Also, thank you for uploading your stuff in disk images ready for emulating, that is very appreciated, even for every upload!