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Freeze Tag

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Freeze Tag is a surrealist version of its playground namesake. You have to tag the other ladybugs to turn them all into ice cubes before time runs out, but they can tag their frozen comrades to change them back to normal.

This was the first game to be released exclusively for Power Macs. Its 68K functionality is limited to detecting that you don't have a PowerPC, and informing you that one is required. (The maintainers of the UMich archive, not expecting such a game to be submitted, simply listed it as a fat binary. Some who downloaded it on 9600 baud connections were annoyed.)

Keyboard controls are as follows: arrow keys or numeric keypad, Option, Shift, and Ctrl. Try to avoid turning left and right simultaneously, or you risk being made very dizzy until you quit and relaunch.

Versions 1.0 and 1.2.1 are included. The later, graphically enhanced version moves the action indoors.

...a clear demonstration of the possibilities provided by PowerPC and I'm sure there's much much much much much much much more to come!
  — Arthur Fritzsche,

Architecture: PPC

On systems much faster than the earliest Power Macs, the animation speed and/or countdown timer may move unplayably fast.

Not compatible with SheepShaver.