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Freddi Fish 4: The Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch

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This game is still available from its publisher
This game works with: ScummVM

From the ReadMe file:

Freddi's cousin, Calico Catfish, has invited Freddi Fish and Luther to visit her hogfish ranch at the world's first underwater Wild West town, Briny Gulch. Unfortunately, Calico Catfish has bad news: mysterious hogfish rustlers have stolen her prize-winning hogfish! Always the brave adventurers, Freddi and Luther offer to find the rustlers' secret hideout, rescue the hogfish, and capture the culprits! Freddi and Luther need your help to bring the hogfish home to Calico Catfish and to bring justice back to Briny Gulch.

At the behest of Tommo, Inc / Humongous Entertainment, the links to this game have been removed.

Architecture: PPC

PowerPC (at least 80 MHz recommended), Mac OS 7.5.3 or higher with 16 MB RAM. For slower machines make sure that your colors are set to 256. This will speed the game up noticeably.