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Football Manager 2007

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MD5: 8652fef476fb905107b43c919915d3bd
For Mac OS X
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Football Manager 2007 is Sports Interactive's third game since leaving the Championship Manager name behind, and while it's a case of evolution rather than revolution, it turns screens of statistics into something so absorbing that it is possible to lose entire hours, days, and weeks of your life. The game, like most of its genre, thrusts you into the front line of football management at a club of your choosing. Where that may be is entirely up to you, and FM 2007 provides an almost endless list to choose from. You can choose from the glamour of Barcelona or AC Milan, head to smaller clubs such as Accrington Stanley or Woksop, or take a punt with clubs from leagues you've almost certainly not heard of, such as the Hong Kong First Division. You can manage any of these clubs--and even international teams, should you so desire. (From this review)

The game is also known as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007. The CD contains installers for both Mac and Win versions of the game.

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A modern version Football Manager can be purchased from the publisher.

Architecture: PPC

PPC, Intel (Universal Binary)
Mac OS X 10.3.9 (PPC), Mac OS X 10.4.4 (Intel)
256 MB RAM