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Feathers & Space

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MD5: f0c3e9bedff38b65a821307eb040f480
For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

An arcade game modeled—very loosely—on Defender. You defend your space outpost against flocks of menacing birds. The birds swoop onto the screen in waves; you shoot them from your spaceship before they land. Once zapped, the birds become (naturally) cooked turkeys. Having your spaceship hit by a falling cooked turkey is bad news; avoid it.

If you're not quick with your shots, the birds land, walk to your outpost door, peck at the door, and fly off with "your men," who obligingly answer. Your guys never have the sense not to answer the door.

There's still hope: shoot the birds, catch the men, return them to ground, watch them scurry indoors, and hope that—this time—they'll stay inside. They won't. Fortunately, you've also got two types of bombs at your disposal, including a few deadly Smart Bombs that'll clear the screen of those pesky birds.

An excellent arcade game. The concept is good, the graphics are excellent (and amusing), and the play (four levels) is fast and challenging at higher levels yet easily grasped by beginners. Has a high score list, good sound (four levels, including no sound), and a sneaky "boss coming" feature that blacks out the screen (until you next move the mouse).

You'll like this one. By the way, we're told that the "PBI" in PBI Software stands for "Pretty Big Initials."

- The Complete Macintosh Sourcebook

This lesser-known game from Strategic Conquest creator Peter Merrill is highly polarizing, with its few print and web mentions divided between blunt pans and effusive praise. It comes down to your willingness to master an odd movement mechanic which binds flight and targeting to the same horizontal mouse movements.

Version: 1.1

Architecture: 68k

The smart bomb trigger is hardwired to the Enter key, which on all Macs at the time was next to the space bar. If your keyboard has it somewhere less convenient, or nowhere at all, you're out of luck.

The game will not run on a physical Macintosh Plus, but will run in the 128K, 512K and Plus flavors of Mini vMac—despite graphical anomalies in the opening animation.


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by tanaquil - 2016, March 15 - 11:10pm

Whoa, I was just looking for this less than a week ago and it was nowhere to be found. Thank you, uploader! I thought I was crazy at first when it turned up in a new search.