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Factory: The Industrial Devolution

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factory_industrial_devol.sit (916.66 KB)
MD5: 45a148a0eb575effca3c20abef84879e
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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Factory_1_1_img.sit (373.85 KB)
MD5: a88dfa00c5054229827823fe67664998
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
User_Months.sit (511.50 KB)
MD5: 1cafe9d953b0466099d394efb18d6931
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Factory: The Industrial Devolution has you oversee an increasingly complex and chaotic series of assembly lines. An original concept that has yet to see anything on modern systems even remotely like it, the puzzle and strategy aspects leave you with sensations of enjoyment, perplexity and extreme frustration when it all goes horribly wrong.

The ability to edit and create your own 'month' of levels kept the game very fresh and ultimately allowed the game and fanbase to flourish. This is one game that the classic Mac OS user should not miss.

In 1993, Factory was released as a commercial product by Softstream International. Fairly soon after, Softstream went out of business. I think some copies of Factory 1.0 actually were sold, though I never saw a dime of any of it. This was rather discouraging, and I was in college trying to write my thesis. As a result, Factory sat on the shelf gathering dust for a while. Eventually (in the Fall of 1995), I found the fortitude to clean it up a little bit and distribute it myself as Shareware.
  — Patrick Calahan

As this forum topic says, version 1.3 changed the sound formats, so although the Factory 1.3 (the first download) does run under System 6, you do not get any sound. The second download above contains version 1.1 which does have sound when running under System 6. The only other difference I can see is that some of the menu options have been moved around.

The same registration code can be used for both versions and is included in the archives. Version 1.1 will open the extra levels ("Months") included in the version 1.3 archive, but some of those are obviously designed for colour displays, so it can be difficult to work out what some of the components are on a black-and-white display.

The game has changed companies a couple of times. Version 1.1 says "presented by 7 O'Clock Software" while version 1.3 says "presented by Roundhouse Software".

Third download is a collection of user created months that Patrick Calahan had saved.

Not to be confused with the educational game Factory.

Architecture: 68k PPC

Equally at home in System 6 and OS 9.


ThinkIndifferent's picture
by ThinkIndifferent - 2020, February 21 - 9:24am

Video of this game:

belbeeno's picture
by belbeeno - 2018, February 16 - 10:55am

For those who are interested, I've made a modern remake of Factory: The Industrial Devolution called Factory Hiro! Please check it out on iOS and Steam (Mac supported, of course!)

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2014, November 3 - 6:27am

For those interested, there is a similar style of puzzle game called Global Player available online as a Flash game. The original game is in German and the Reloaded version in multiple languages with updated graphics, but the idea of the game is to change the switches on the converyor belts so that the coloured packages are directed to the appropriate delivery methods. On later levels the ships / trucks / planes need multiple packages of different colours.

poolshark's picture
by poolshark - 2012, March 29 - 6:31pm

I've been trying to download this game forever, but can't understand how to set up the emulator. Is there anyone who could tell me step by step in easy as pie speaking how to do it? I would be foreverrrrrrrr thankful.

Cbswe's picture
by Cbswe - 2011, June 25 - 2:46pm

If you ever need an additional programmer. I'd love to help. My mail is my username in lower case (at) bredband (dot) net

sinkillerj's picture
by sinkillerj - 2011, June 20 - 2:58am

I have been wanting to do a remake as well awinter, and I can handle the programming but not the graphic design, we could be the perfect team. Send me a email (Remove the *'s): tec*hma*ge19*90@ya*ho*

trepto's picture
by trepto - 2009, October 17 - 7:28pm

*Love* this game. Even my *mom* loves this game. I've brought the file over to her house a few times via my iPod, but we've never gotten around to putting it on her computer; let's see if sending her a link works ^_^.

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2009, September 26 - 2:58am

Looks Interesting, I'll check it out.

awinter's picture
by awinter - 2009, September 26 - 2:46am

Ah, this was the first game I registered for my old 68k Mac back in the day..
I'd love to see an iPhone port, or at least some sort of nextgen remake. I'd be more than willing to do the graphic design and work with someone to get this accomplished. This game concept needs to be revived!

wallen's picture
by wallen - 2009, September 2 - 1:48pm

That is so awesome! I was totally addicted at the time, must have made four or five of those custom months that are bundled with it. Wish I were 11 again and had that kind of free time Tongue

Let's see an iPhone port.

MagmaDragoon's picture
by MagmaDragoon - 2009, August 15 - 1:59pm

Awesome. I had only the "December" scenario.

j_damage•69's picture
by j_damage•69 - 2009, May 18 - 8:31am

Oh gawd... Used to spend hours on this one lol.

yutaro's picture
by yutaro - 2009, May 18 - 7:03am

Great little puzzle game! The sound effects were especially memorable. I have the "Oh no!" guy as my OS alert sound.