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Eternity Inn

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MD5: 118fd5dc38d884992b29d03576f613bd
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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It's easy to check in, but you can't check out until you've outwitted the innkeeper by solving the puzzles in your room to find the hidden exit! This is a challenging game we've created for puzzle-lovers. Eternity Inn is a freeware game - no registration necessary - and is freely distributable.

Please note: A few of the sound effects may frighten very young children.

Recommended ages: 12 to 112
Memory requirement: minimum of 8MB of RAM
Screen requirement: 12" or larger color

Architecture: 68k


TJgamer's picture
by TJgamer - 2020, March 2 - 6:38am

Wow. That first puzzle is stupid. The fact that you can only punch in three letters before it resets made me think it was just a three letter combination or something. And that clue is worthless.
Anyway, I managed to get through most of the other puzzles myself, including the piano.
However, I'm now stuck on the (supposed) last one. The one with the "svgm fnqrbr" cryptogram. I have no idea what it could be. I've tried looking up cryptogram solvers and none of them were helpful. The clue "This cryptogram is the 'KEY' to your escape" is not helping either.
Anyone know what to do?

Veneteaou's picture
by Veneteaou - 2019, March 9 - 8:40am

So I just finished the game. It's short, but every puzzle is brutal. It's the kind of game I would play with a group (like an escape room) to have the ability to bounce ideas off of people. I didn't have people, but I did have scratch paper and Notepad open on a nearby computer, and I had to do some googling to get some ideas as to how puzzles were constructed. I'd also recommend maybe walking away from it and thinking about a puzzle for a while, to avoid frustration while also making the entertainment last longer.

The downsides are:

- The game is short. Maybe ten puzzles.
- Almost every puzzle describes where to go next, which means despite a lot of creative word puzzles, you know they are solved by naming some of a few items already in the room with you.

Overall though, a fun little game to blow an afternoon on.

Veneteaou's picture
by Veneteaou - 2019, March 9 - 7:09am

First off, on every screen and at every puzzle, you can go to File - Game Hints or something to get another hint. In this case however, it just says that "the picture is trying to tell you something." These hints generally aren't super helpful in terms of solving riddles, but they do offer some structure so that you aren't stabbing completely in the dark.

I sat for a minute and tried to think about how to make this easier for you without giving it away, but unless I'm super daft the answer simply has no relation to that hint you've quoted. So here is the answer to the first riddle, that I spent about an hour GUESSING before finally getting it:

Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert

Spell out THE TIME IS MIDNIGHT into the grid of letters behind the painting. Which is messed up, considering the clock is set at 9:00 and not midnight, and "3 and 4, back and fore" would suggest moving on the clock something like 3 hours one way and then back four, or seven, or something different than midnight. At least to me, maybe I'm an idiot.

I suffered quite a bit on the piano puzzle as well, but in this case spoiler free warning: the answer involves a phrase that you have to put spaces in. Also, the hint is also useless.

I'm currently (right now in fact) working on a sorting puzzle in the closet. I'm not sure if it's a limitation of the game programming, or the fact that I'm on OS9 instead of the OS6 that this was clearly designed for, or even that it's part of the puzzle, but I have letters in a letter scramble that I can stack and remove entirely from the board, and I've done it to a point where I'm certain there is no hidden message left for me and I had to start over. Click carefully when you get to the skulls I guess.

TJgamer's picture
by TJgamer - 2019, January 8 - 5:20am

So, anyone have any idea how to pass the first puzzle? I have no clue at all.
The hint "3 and 4, back and fore" isn't really helpful.