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Escape the Museum

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (174.09 MB)
MD5: b51817441a0a5f0fc213d107dfa7a504
For Mac OS X
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Escape The Museum is a hidden object game with some elements of the adventure genre. Besides the usual gameplay mechanic of finding objects from a list by clicking on them, the game has adventure portions where the player must collect and use objects to escape from a room….After each chapter, the player has to search the previous adventure levels for 10 instances of a certain object. 12 precious artifacts have to be collected throughout the game. The game keeps a score based on accuracy, time, object value and the use of hints. There are some mini-games: paintings work like jigsaw puzzles that have to be reassembled, and scales have to be stabilized by shifting weights until they reach equilibrium. (MobyGames)

This is a hybrid Mac/PC disc image (Internet Archive)

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)

400 MHz G3
128 MB RAM