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Dungeon (The Original Zork)

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MD5: ba7e3cd803492f0049838d5502af1e41
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
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Here is "Zork" before it became Zork I-II-III - it had been named simply Dungeon and first distributed in 1980 on "mainframe" hardware and software. Eventually this early version was translated to the C language and ported to the Macintosh in 1991 by some employees at microsoft.

This version was made aware of both the names Dungeon and Zork, and although I found the file and folder named as Zork, it is intended to be the game Dungeon (around when its name had first changed to Zork). In game it states:

Welcome to Dungeon. ...
That word is henceforth replaced with DUNGEON.
At your service!

Dungeon contains "most" of Zork I II and III together in a single game. Dungeon was made BEFORE Zork. This game's icon had been given the name "GUE" which is apt as being in-game the name of the realm, the Great Underground Empire.

Architecture: 68k

declared "System 4.1 or greater, including System 7.0"
tested in OS 9.2.2 and in OS X Classic mode

V2.7M (for Macintosh) was a port of Unix version 2.7A


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2020, December 20 - 7:15pm

Thanks. I played all the way through Zorks 1 2 3 using an Atari 800XL in the mid 80s. Sometimes you knew a puzzle was solved by how long your input needed the floppy disk to be chewed on before a response arrived. Chatting on the BBSes was how we made it to the end.

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by fogWraith - 2020, December 20 - 6:28pm

Fixed ;D

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by SkyCapt - 2020, December 20 - 6:24pm

Stupid "autocorrect" created this page url as "work" not "zork" can somebody fix it pretty please?