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Duck Quest

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MD5: f365a91b707b959e27f0301ee500f449
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Guide a duck through a random dungeon and fight poultry farmers. Pick up rubber ducks to gain hit points. After you've beaten level 25 you get a message that says you've won the game, but then it takes you to level 26 and you can keep playing for as many levels as you like.

Well, I basically wrote this program back in 1995... but not as a game, but as the SIMPLEST POSSIBLE demo for a game programming book, a program so simple that it would fit in a few pages, with detailed explanations. The idea was, of course, to get talented would-be programmers going and create something more interesting (with animations, more complicated rules, plot...). Well, this isn't more interesting. The "author" has made minimal modifications and even kept most sounds from the demo. Why anyone would release a 1-hour hack on a book demo like this is beyond me. Why it is in an archive of "classics" is even more strange. It is worthless without the source-code.

  — Ingemar Ragnemalm (2003 Mac Garden comment)

Architecture: 68k


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by SkyCapt - 2020, January 4 - 12:40am

Nobody let Ingemar know this is categorized as RPG. Don't tell the rpg'ers either, it'll be our secret rarest one.