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Doom for Mac OS X 1.x (Rhapsody)

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Doom2.tgz (2.96 MB)
MD5: 6b1a1a436e079cab45f9ebc7798ee967
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (2.95 MB)
MD5: 9cdf68ab6e41c9d47f75fa8e0aae431f
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Doom2.app_.sit (2.41 MB)
MD5: 20c8beba9d7804d406c420c6d0886b66
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Doom.2.0.4.P.b.tar_.gz (2.95 MB)
MD5: ec71e53bd073668fbaa7728249cc8379
For Mac OS X
This game works with: QEMU

This version of Doom will work only on Mac OS X 1.x , aka Rhapsody (and maybe, I didn't try, on the Mac OS X 10.0 "Kodiak" DP1, which is very similar).
The file says "Doom2", as well as the window title "Doom II", but it seems the game itself is really the first Doom.

- 1st download (Quake2.tgz), is my install compressed in .tgz.
- 2nd download (, is the same but zipped.
- 3rd download (Quake2.app_.sit), is the same but stuffed with DropStuff 5.5.
- 4th download (Doom.2.0.4.P.b.tar_.gz), is the original install found on the site.

See also: Ultimate DOOM, Final DOOM, Total Ruin, D!ZONE MAC, Demon Gate

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Mac OS X 1.x / Rhapsody 5.X