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Doom Legacy Wad-Launcher ;0)

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doomlegacy_osx_complete.dmg (38.01 MB)
MD5: a0a3adcfda29c34c0d2d2ec1d16acd02
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older games

Here is a handy little AppleScript Launcher to select and play different wads in Calum Robinson's Doom Legacy.
Contains both the final versions of Doom Legacy for OS X (1.40 & 1.43-beta).

Version 1.40 has the top-notch graphics, but no background music support. 1.43 has the music support, but a few slight bugs every now and then and less than complete graphic implementation (though still light-years ahead of original Doom). Sometimes you feel like Retro Midi-Tunes and sometimes you want the Best Graphics!

The Read Me in this has a LOT of important info - worth taking a few minutes to read about how to adjust settings and such (1.40 can fail to launch if not configured right to begin-with).

This does not fix any of the original problems with Doom Legacy (Mouse pointer sometimes still shows up, Still cannot load a save from one version in the other, etc), but should make this great freeware app a lot easier to use.

See also: Doom Legacy for Classic, Doom Legacy for OS X

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Tested on:
iMac G3 400Mhz,
Digital Audio G4 Dual 533MHz,
MDD G4 Dual 1.42Ghz

(All running OS X 10.4.11)


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, November 24 - 10:46pm

I don't really know how to use grouping.

Because its not possible (at this point in time). I was suggesting that a new entry field could be created for this purpose, if possible, as it would be a useful feature.
You never know, it may get done one day Wink

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, November 24 - 2:32am

Honestly, I don't really know how to use grouping.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, November 23 - 2:56am

for the sake of organization

I see what you mean. Although inaccurate and not satisfying aesthetically to see it there. Perhaps some other criteria could be devised (a new field type) re: grouping.

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, November 21 - 3:57am

True, though for the sake of organization, it might actually be a good idea to keep it that way.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, November 20 - 11:15pm

@3371-Alpha : While Doom may use "Engine: id Tech 1", this game launcher doesn't. If anything it should probably read "Engine: AppleScript" Wink

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, November 16 - 7:02am

I don't mean to rain on this project or anything like that, but my advice is that if you're on PPC, 10.4 or later, you should use zDoom (found here: ). It's far more versatile and advanced. It's only downfall is that it doesn't support OpenGL (all rendering is done by the CPU) which also means there's no anti-aliasing. Still, it's fast, responsive, and has more up to date bug fixes than both of those Doom Legacy builds. Of course, if you're on something older than 10.4, you're gonna want to stick with Doom Legacy. I use to use the Doomsday engine, but it has texture glitches on ppc (not to mention that they're also no longer developing UB builds anymore). zDoom's the best Doom port for ppc, and still actively being developed for it too!
It is worth noting though that zDoom, ironically, doesn't have an official launcher available for OS X (only Windows binaries are available, Mac users must compile from source). Though zDoom does have a PWAD/game selection dialogue box on startup, it's functionality is limited (you can't use it to load custom expansions or edit the autoload settings). @pvar, do you think you could whip up a launcher?

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2016, May 20 - 6:27pm

Doom Legacy wad-Launcher it works in mac os x 10.4.11 only. I tried it in mac os x 10.5.8 and it said this message " the command exited with non-zero status on my power mac G4 1.25 Ghz mirror door 2003.

Here is link to my doom Legacy os x

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, May 18 - 9:12pm

I've found a list of Doom engine ports for Mac here:
For older Macs (G4s, ect.) I recommend ZDoom. Like Doom Legacy 43, it lacks antialiasing. However It has full audio/music support as well as a built in wad launcher for you to select which game you want to launch.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2016, March 22 - 4:43pm

Just to remember until the form contains the year in request:
The correct year of this entry is 2013.

32-bits's picture
by 32-bits - 2016, March 22 - 10:07am

Looks really cool! Couldn't get it to work though. One of those will have to try when I get the Linux box updated.

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, March 22 - 12:59am

I don't mean to rain on your project or anything, but I found a new doom engine build for mac here:
Version 1.9.10 is the last UB build & requires Tiger or later.

32-bits's picture
by 32-bits - 2016, March 20 - 10:05pm

Try recopying the app to your desktop, THEN to Applications. This can usually fix it if this is a permission issue.

Also, it is sometimes necessary to "CHOWN" the app in Terminal. Leopard, in particular is a brat about this. Do "sudo chown -R username:username " then drag the app to the Terminal window and hit return. This often fixes things like this.

Lastly, most Applescript-based apps require you enable "Assistive Devices" in the Universal Access Pref Pane.

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, March 19 - 8:55pm

It keeps giving me a "The command exited with a non-zero status" error on my G5.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, December 25 - 10:42pm

  I wish someone would port the latest beta...

To check for new releases you can always go to the Legacy pages at sourceforge. Of whats available for Mac OS's tho' , I still find the earlier 1.3.2b versions to be more stable than 1.40 or 1.43 on PPC Mac 9 & X (and for native OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 there is only the 1.3.2b version).

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2014, October 4 - 2:28am

I wish someone would port the latest beta... Meant to be many bugfixes and new features!!!

Nicholas.f's picture
by Nicholas.f - 2014, October 3 - 6:09pm

It runs lovely on PowerMac G5 10.4.11 512MB

pvar's picture
by pvar - 2013, June 16 - 10:15pm

P.S. Just updated with ZenNode on 3 of the 4 wads. They needed it (lots of broken walls/missing textures). The only one that couldn't be 'Zenned' was Ultimate Doom, or you loose the "They Flesh Consumed" chapter. The other 3 look much more solid now.