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Doom 3

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Year released:
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Doom_3.cdr (1.51 GB)
MD5: 8d1711c0054b37ba79780f0f63414baf
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Doom3Mac1.3.1RevA.dmg (11.68 MB)
MD5: fa8a444186359384a0acdcafb91dff88
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Doom3.v1.3.1A.NoDVD_.UBCrack.dmg (365.74 KB)
MD5: 3e6ec60a888b3f00b5c7688c98ebe944
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (198.72 KB)
MD5: 169acf764dd552c7831833c56b693f5e
For Mac OS X
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The Gateway to Hell is Open

The ruins of an ancient Martian civilization have unlocked the secrets to teleportation, and the UAC will stop at nothing to harness this world-altering technology. As part of a marine detachment sent to protect the facility, your duty seemed simple enough until the invasion. Now, in an epic clash against pure evil you must fight to understand who is with you, who is against you, and what must be done to stop this nightmare from reaching Earth. Built on ID's revolutionary 3D graphics engine, DOOM 3 draws you into the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming experience ever created. —taken from Aspyr website

Doom 3 GPL source release is also available at GitHub, if you're into that.

First DL - The game itself.
Second DL - 1.3.1A patch.
Third DL - NoDVD, if you don't want to or can't burn the DVD.

GameRanger support: 1.3+
GameRanger crossplay: Yes.

A re-released version requiring at least OS X 10.6.8/Intel Dual-Core can be purchased from the Mac App Store.

System Requirements:
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.6 or later
CPU Processor: PowerPC G5 or later
CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz or faster
Memory: 384 MB or higher
Hard Disk Space: 2.2 GB free disk space
Video Card (ATI): Radeon 8500 or better
Video Card (NVidia): GeForce FX 5200 or better
Video Memory (VRAM): 64 MB or higher
Media Required: DVD Drive

Architecture: PPC

Burn the DVD to play this game, or use the NoDVD patch.


willywalloo's picture
by willywalloo - 2020, September 22 - 12:23pm

Here is my install process: G4 Mirror PPC / 10.5.8:

Download 1, copy Doom 3 folder to Applications Folder
Download 2, Install, and it goes well. (1.3.1 patch)
Download 3, this is where I had problems, but I did a Get Info in /Applications/Doom III folder and changed all permissions to read/write. Then I could patch the app to work right using the No DVD Crack for Leopard.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, May 2 - 2:51am

OK - so sorry to do this guys, but the BFG Edition on Steam and G.O.G. is SO MUCH BETTER than it's almost lame to get original Doom 3. But if you must, it runs like a boss on original XBox/XBox 360 for way less money than getting a PowerPC Mac able to run it. Also - Guess what the (PowerPC) XBox 360 also has a BFG Edition!!!!!

Towersen's picture
by Towersen - 2020, May 2 - 2:19am

Thanks for CD KEY bro!! and long life to Power PC!

Hudi85's picture
by Hudi85 - 2018, May 6 - 7:24am

Yay! Found a working key for the patched and cracked install!


PS.: You have to be offline to able to use this key or you'll get a key already in use message. This deletes the key and you have to reenter it offline and it should work again.

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2017, November 21 - 11:07pm

I've read people have successfully played this on a Voodoo 3 by hacking the game and disabling all the shaders. Sort of ruins the atmosphere though. I'd personally really like to see if a G5 could run the BFG Edition, especially now that the source was released. It's supposed to have several enhancements to the original and a new episode. The problem comes when you learn that anti-aliasing and filtering can't be disabled in the "upgraded" engine; that only peaks my interest more though.

Maximum R.I.S.C.'s picture
by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2017, November 20 - 9:51pm

Well got version 1.0 running well enough off Disk to realize I should just go pick up the XBox version and play it on 360 (emulates in HD well) / or get the 360 BFG edition.

They are not kidding when they say you need a G5. All these Normal-Mapped games (like "Prey") just run awful on the my venerable Nvidia Geforce4 TI - The great news is that XBox 360 swung into action just as my trust G4 was loosing its grip on the gaming seen.

Have to just keep my G4 for the stuff that came before that nothing else much runs. Great Upload though!

fogWraith's picture
by fogWraith - 2017, November 20 - 7:45am

Works fine here. The update isn't necessary, though it probably contains fixes and what not to make the experience more fun, as in smoother graphics and what not.

Maximum R.I.S.C.'s picture
by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2017, November 20 - 1:30am

Feeling lame I didn't see the 2nd picture with the unlock, but there is still something wrong. It works at base install, but then once you do the update, the old CD Key appears to no-longer work (with or without the NoCD).

Am running in Tiger. Also, when I put the original back it then works again. So there is some type of problem with the update. Is it critical?

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2017, November 19 - 7:05am

Well, I haven't tried to use the noDVD patch, but maybe its action is just the basic one...eliminating the requirement for a DVD to be mounted. Have you tried using the serial code in the second screenshot?

Maximum R.I.S.C.'s picture
by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2017, November 19 - 6:50am

The unlock doesn't seem to be working - still asking for CD Key.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2017, November 18 - 11:15am

I have made it compatible with Leopard+ and uploaded here

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2017, November 18 - 1:29am

I just realized why the no cd patch didn't work! According to CoD2's no cds, most Mac patchers are based on iPatcher. Older versions of this program aren't compatible with Leopard or later. This means someone with the right knowledge will need to patch the cd patcher to work on Leopard + like what the uploader of CoD2 did with it's patchers.

sfp1954's picture
by sfp1954 - 2016, December 27 - 1:09am

Are you sure Rosetta is installed?
On some Snow Leopard install disks Rosetta is an option not part of the base install.
Do you have any other PPC applications up and running?

Christian5200's picture
by Christian5200 - 2016, December 26 - 4:51pm

Doesn't Start on Snow Leo. Installed the Game, then the Patch and Mounted the cdr in Toast. But it won't run.

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, October 9 - 6:41am

According to wikipedia there are several enhanced source ports of the id Tech 4 engine (such as iodoom3, dhewm3, fhDOOM & Storm Engine 2) however there are no official mac builds. Anyone willing to do the garden a favor and build a Mac version for us (preferably a universal binary for G5/intel support)? These builds not only have bugs that were fixed long after id dropped support for this game, but also enhancements such as OpenGL 2.0. It might also allow us to play the Windows exclusive "Resurrection of Evil" DLC natively on Mac.

Also the No-CD patcher didn't work for me. Kept talking about a permission error. Think you can upload a pre-patched, pre-updated version to the site.

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2016, August 10 - 4:39am

Great upload, thanks fogwraith!