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MD5: 54fdd694b9c9e1ddb8ffb589000fb139
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older games

This is an item utility designed to work with Diablo 1. It consists of the application (DieBlo) and an Item Database both must be in the same folder for the utility to work.

After loading a character file in Diablo 1, press command + m to switch to window mode, then navigate to the DieBlo application and double click. The name of the currently loaded character will be displayed and a list of everything in their inventory will be available. This allows the player to copy found items like uniques, spellbooks and potions to the database or copy items from the database to the character's inventory.

This was a very handy utility as many times the Warrior character would find the best spell books and staves, the Sorcerer would find the best axes and swords and the Rogue would never find any good bows. This utility allows the player to copy items from one character and place them in another character's inventory. It is also very handy when building a new character to give them a fighting chance.

This utility was supplied with an empty item database, so the one provided is my own and consists of hundreds of hours of game-play and most of the Unique Items as well as many powerful standard items.

This utility was created by Michel "BusError" Pollet in 1998, and was designed to work with MacDiablo 1.04. Please check the Read Me after unstuffing for additional instruction as well as the author's brilliant philosophy on creating this utility.

Compressed with Stuffit Standard 7 on Mac OS 9.2.2

Architecture: PPC

MacDiablo 1.04