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Desert Trek

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Desert_Trek.SIT (176.81 KB)
MD5: 6e346d3db038d36125dcd7d70390c2f5
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MD5: 5cadebc612ae21fb955657faea7c27e7
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Desert_Trek.sit (174.88 KB)
MD5: b3691fbe07f0191db96905bea18a8d5b
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MD5: 5b37cbe7e3fc1c0b45c7e6fa9654c503
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Vegas_Trek.sit (230.67 KB)
MD5: 1fae51703dee708093d9f89a4a5e86e7
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

The sequel to Camel. Can you make it across the entire desert, keeping one step ahead of the cannibals?

Works in all the emulators (the game has B&W graphics, too), though I'd be wary of BasiliskII. Maybe it's the new, non-142 build, but it crashed on me and wiped my high scores.

Second DL for easy mounting in emulators added.

3rd DL added for Windows emulators like Mini vMac. Just click on the file added to decompress it and valid a dialog box. This file is the original I've recompressed into Mini vMac with StuffIt 3 installed Inside (on my mac).

4th DL is the version of Desert Trek (1.04) on the Macintosh Game Programming Techniques CD, a slightly updated version which fixes a couple of bugs (from what I can tell, caravan messages and death handling from cannibal travelling when using items and the like), along with a constant score display.

5th DL is a reskinned version, "Vegas Trek", from that same CD.

Architecture: 68k

Runs on OS X under Classic emulation. Help dialog box freezes game.


MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2016, August 28 - 6:23pm

Added a modified file for Windows emulators (see above)...

Tanara Kuranov's picture
by Tanara Kuranov - 2014, October 22 - 6:26pm

Seems like a fun little game, may have to review Cary Torkelson's games at some point. Also, found out he made a book on Macintosh game programming. It shows how to program, of all games, this one, and seems to come with full source code on the disk. I'll most certainly be putting that CD-ROM up here if I get the chance.

Knight_Ken's picture
by Knight_Ken - 2010, March 16 - 12:01pm

Nice game, i played it a lot of times before!

Morusque's picture
by Morusque - 2009, November 1 - 1:49am

Cary Torkelson's games archives don't seem to unpack, or am I doing something wrong ?