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Complete Macintosh Turbo Pascal 1989

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Welcome to the world of Turbo Pascal programming on the Macintosh! We're
glad you chose this book to learn about this powerful language. This book is
structured so that the complete programming novice can use it to learn how to
write sophisticated programs on the Macintosh. However, Complete Macintosh
Turbo Pascal is not for beginners only! Experienced programmers will find a
great deal of information in this book including coverage of resource files, units,
event-handling, graphics, sound, etc. For the complete beginner to programming,
we recommend that you start from the beginning of the book and
carefully study each section. For those of you familiar with programming in
another language (e.g. BASIC), we recommend that you start with Part II: The
Turbo Pascal Language. Finally, for those of you who have used Turbo Pascal
on the IBM PC or just want to know about Macintosh-specific areas of Turbo,
we recommend that you skip to Part ID: Applications and Advanced Concepts.
No matter what your current level of programming is, we sincerely hope you
will come to enjoy the full power of Borland International's Turbo Pascal
package for the Macintosh and that you will keep Complete Macintosh Turbo
Pascal handy as a reference guide when you have become a Turbo "master."


Book in format PDF, open with Acrobat Reader.


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