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Commander: Napoleon at War

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CommanderNaW.dmg (342.22 MB)
MD5: 68998932b5698bb261ff37e1dfb3792a
For Mac OS X
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MD5: c26b5f3309f447a54d0eb6ac0dbd278f
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (302.54 MB)
MD5: 6d3bfa073397bdef920e207075cc3d3b
For Mac OS X
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Commander: Napoleon at War is a turn based strategy game taking place during the Napoleonic Wars and the sequel to Commander: Europe at War. The game features 8 campaigns to play that all take place between the years 1805 and 1815. You can fight as both Napoleon's forces or the Allied Coalition. As in Europe at War the player is presented with a map of Europe and parts of Africa and North America with a hexagonal grid. The game comes with 12 different unit types and various technologies that can be invented during the course of the game. Units can be commanded by famous historical figures from that time. The game has a dynamic weather system that has an influence on combat. (MobyGames)

The publisher (Freeverse) and its registration servers no longer exist, so a crack is required to play the game beyond the 60 minute trial period. I have managed to strip out the DRM part of the application bundle to obtain what seems to be a working unrestricted copy of the game.

Download #1 is the official time-limited trial version of the game. This is v. 1.06. Note that the About Box still shows v. 1.0.1 even though the early splash page shows v. 1.06

Download #2 is an updater (Core patch). Applying the updater does not change the version number but you can view the list of changes in the patcher log.

Download #3 is an unlocked, unrestricted copy of the updated version of the game. The game only plays in English. If you just want to play the game then you only need this download.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

1.4 GHz PPC/Intel
Mac OS X 10.4
512 MB RAM
300 MB hard drive space