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Colour Billiards

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MD5: 2ebc0dd5adcf3ffcf4c0d565c3376c79
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This is the only mac pool game including Snooker, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 3-Ball all together and it is so small in size. I really wish someone would make a patch for it. This would've rocked without all that emulating neccessities. This looks awfully like Yahoo! Billiards.

Sequel to Billiard Parlour.


This is a pre-release copy. If anyone has the finished version that was commercially published by SoftStream, please upload it.


Architecture: 68k

Under my OS 9.2, here's what I do: I set screen resolution to 640X480. I set number of colours to 256. I restart. I activate G3 Throttle (G3 Throttle application included in file) it usually works out fine, sometimes I don't even have to restart, no sound though.

I've successfully tested it in Basilisk with a screen resolution of 832 x 624 and 256 colors. In my case on the 68040 PowerBook 190cs and on the PowerPC Mac it has Error 1 and wouldn't start...


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by Anonymous (not verified) - 2009, July 13 - 3:28am

I used to love this game. All I can really say in review is that its as good as billiards can get on a computer.