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Super Collapse

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CollapseFree.dmg (1.59 MB)
MD5: 2a3b0f0cbfeec58cd4739c382e1bc4be
For Mac OS X
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Collapse!... The blockbusting and color-matching excitement of the mega-hit COLLAPSE! returns with custom characters and fantastic foes!

Travel a huge new world with over 180 invigorating levels and go up against mighty enemies like Blockzilla, Block Widow and Blocktopus using your own customizable character. COLLAPSE! with character!

Use explosive power-ups, earn money for powerful upgrades, and win special character costumes for extra fun. You can also enjoy four rewarding mini-games like Pachinko and Slots. What's more, unlock secret codes to use in the mobile and Facebook versions of COLLAPSE!


Experience the excitement of COLLAPSE! with familiar and all-new gameplay
Take on fantastic foes like Blockzilla with your customizable character
Challenge invigorating modes like Classic, Strategy and the new double game board
Use explosive power-ups, purchase powerful upgrades and play fun mini-games
Reward yourself with codes for use in the Facebook and Mobile versions

Also available in Super Gamehouse Collection.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X