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Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far

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CCBridge.toast_.sit (331.06 MB)
MD5: 04fc6a6657b2fe738d74f118d90669c4
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Age Rating: 12 and above

- Dig In Soldier, for the follow up to Close Combat, PC Gamer's 1997 'Best Game of the Year'.
- Fight across 3 fronts simultaneously.
- Psychological models for each soldier ensure they react as humanly as possible.
- More than 130 realistic modelled infantry and vehicles.
- Battlemaker, design your own battlefield.
- Various levels of difficulty and complexity, single battle, operations, sector campaign, grand campaign.
- Fight head to head with other desktop commanders over modem, LAN or the internet.


The sequel to Microsoft's Close Combat, Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far continues the World War II theme by recreating the events around the ill-fated Operation Market Garden. Players can choose to play a single battle or an entire campaign. A resource allocation model allows players to decide when to reinforce or rest their troops and offers the capability to add new weapons and units.
The game contains 130 realistically modeled infantrymen and vehicles, including assault units, flame-throwing tanks and half tracks. Players may choose various levels of difficulty and may play as either the Axis or Allied powers.
Combat takes place on a two-dimensional map with three-dimensional terrain elements. Depending on the map, terrain features can include a variety of features providing concealment and cover, such as hills, hedges, foxholes, trenches, streams and buildings. Units have limited fields of vision (particularly vehicles), suffer from fatigue, have limited ammunition, can be suppressed, will break and flee if their morale drops too low, and generally behave in a manner similar to real life (although there are options to make units always visible, always obey orders, and/or fearless).
The units used in the game vary, but are nonetheless divided into two categories: infantry, and support. The infantry category contains most infantry units, such as rifle infantry, scouts, snipers, MG42 machine gunners (for the German side), antitank infantry (for the Allied side), heavy assault teams, and reserves. More specialized infantry teams such as flamethrower engineers, mortar teams and machine gun teams are placed in the support category, as are vehicles (including halftracks, armored cars, tanks, tank destroyers and assault guns) and fixed guns.

Architecture: PPC

Macintosh Requirements:

Minimum CPU Class Required: PowerPC 601
Minimum OS Class Required: System 7.5
Minimum RAM Required: 16 MB
Media Type: CD-ROM
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required: 4X
Input Devices Supported: Keyboard, Mouse
Multiplayer Options: Internet, LAN, Modem
Number of Players: Online 2 Players
Notes: 40 MB free HD space

- Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
- Minimum CPU Speed: 90 MHz
- Minimum RAM Required: 16 MB
- Minimum Hard Disk Space: 45 MB
- Graphics Type: SVGA
- Graphics Resolution: 800x600
- Color Depth: High Color


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by osxlegacy2018 - 2019, June 2 - 1:11am

another game that pretty good! definitely worth having in a os9 collection.