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Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces of Infocom

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MD5: 792055a839d34799b4f284b06094fa66
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

"Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces of Infocom is a collection of 33 computer games from interactive fiction pioneer Infocom, and the top 6 winners of the 1995 Interactive Fiction Competition, released in 1996. It was available as a single cross-platform CD-ROM, which included PDFs of all the Infocom games' instructions, maps, and hint booklets.

Infocom was closed in 1989 by its then-parent company Activision. Still holding the copyright to nearly all the past Infocom titles, Activision bundled them together in this collection, following up the earlier Lost Treasures of Infocom series. The Infocom games included are:

The Interactive Fiction Competition winners included are:

The collection included all of the contents of the previous two Lost Treasures of Infocom collections except for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and James Clavell's Shogun. Unlike the Lost Treasures collections, though, Masterpieces included the adult game Leather Goddesses of Phobos."

(Shogun and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy are available separately on the Macintosh Garden.)

Architecture: 68k

Should run on almost anything. I haven't tried any OS earlier than 6 though.

Original interpreter 'Zoom':
Like 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' (not included in this download), you don't need to configure a Mac emulator to play these games, because 'Zoom' does the job for you, too.
For Zoom, please refer to its homepage at

Zoom hint:
To get the games recognized by Zoom, please add the extension ".z5" (without quotes) to the application name.

Starting with version 2.2.0, ScummVM also runs these games.


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by SkyCapt - 2017, January 24 - 7:22am

MaxZip v1.4.9 came on this disc in 1995/1996. Its last known update is v1.7.8 year 2000 = five years (!) of bug fixes:

Should MaxZip178 cometh here to The Garden? It's hard to determine if it's been abandoned or not. But it is Freeware (and has source code too).

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by SkyCapt - 2017, January 24 - 7:17am

On your harddrive, this "Manuals" PDF collection cannot be renamed nor have its nest of folders disturbed, because using Acrobat Reader v5.1 in OS9, there exist hyperlinks between all four PDF files! On the INFOCOM.PDF title page, point and click at one of the 33 or 34 cover photos to go to that game, then click on either the "Manual", "Maps...", or "Hints" and it will take you to the correct section in the other PDFs. I didn't even know PDF could have hyperlinks, after all it does NOT work inside of OSX Preview, it is Adobe for OS9 and/or OSX (Acrobat v5.1 is
9-X Carbon). BUT...Generally these all-in-one docs are of a lesser quality than modern document scans for each individual game.

In the folder "Games/Winners/" are 3 newish games that were assembled with a better z-code interpreter, better than all 35 older 1980's games. All the old games (with the four exceptions "Zork Zero","Arthur","Journey","Shogun") all 31 old games including the "Hitchhiker's Guide" can be "patched" using this newer interpreter named "MaxZip", you'll be asked to make a new Creator code for the games and i think "ZApp" is a good choice for them all. MaxZip allows window resizing, better control over fonts, and works in OS9 as well as Classic mode thru OSX 10.4.n Tiger. There is/are updates to MaxZip online and the last v1.7.8 year 2000 seems worth getting. Unlike Zoom this "patching" using MaxZip 149/178 retains pre-OSX compatibility.
Run "A Change in the Weather" or "The Mind Electric" or "The Magic Toyshop" and choose "Build Unbound MaxZip..." from its File menu, to create a freestanding MaxZip149 applet, or obtain v178. Then run MaxZip and choose "Build Stand-Alone Game from File..." from its File menu, for every game to be patched. I'm happy with these results and I think we can trust this 1995 version of MaxZip to run all these 1980s games correctly. It can also make applets out of "ZIP infinity" files such as "Zork The Undiscovered Underground", and "Colossal Cave Adventure" found in the "Interactive Fiction Collection" here on the garden.
Or, ultimately, it isn't necessary to patch anything. The old game applets can be loaded into MaxZip as if they were documents, just like with Zoom and other interpreters.

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by Attila - 2009, December 22 - 5:42pm

Merry Textmas!

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by MacWise - 2009, August 7 - 8:12pm

The Infocom Documentation Project should have the manuals to all these games:

Great upload by the way.