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Citadel of the Dead

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MD5: 35d38b58a22d157516ebead12efbf097
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

A re-release of the dungeon RPG DragonBlade.

See also in this series: GayBlade

Architecture: 68k


Agamemnon Triforce's picture
by Agamemnon Triforce - 2020, April 3 - 6:15pm

Here's a question for you. How does the character generation system come up with its results? Over on the CRPG Addict he's discussing his experience with DragonBlade : ( and he brings up a point with the distribution of the possible results. There's an easy solution; roll 2d8-1 and you'll get a range of 1-15. But his results after manually going through 1000 rolls shows a bracket shaped distribution of results rather than the statistically expected bell curve.

How did you work out the RNG for your character generation system?

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2019, March 29 - 9:32pm

I also have the manuals for all the games. If interested I can upload copies here (if allowed by the forum admin?)

Manuals are always welcome to be uploaded.

RJBest's picture
by RJBest - 2019, March 29 - 2:04am

Xeriphas1994, I'm the developer of the games Citadel and DragonBlade -- I'll take the $10 bucks now! Just kidding. Glad you got some fun out of the game.

I know these entries are 8-10 years old, but if anyone needs any elaboration or clarification on the games, just ask. My email is I also have the manuals for all the games. If interested I can upload copies here (if allowed by the forum admin?)

For the record: Citadel of the Dead was commercially distributed to stores around the U.S., but in spite of being told the game had sold "thousands" of copies. I never saw a penny from the distributor. So I retooled the engine from DragonBlade & Citadel of the Dead and used it for GayBlade, a spoof of DragonBlade, with the tagline:

"Empress Nelda has been captured. You must rescue her. So get your Apron out, grab your Gold Tiara, and unsheath the dreaded Turbo Blo Dryer. You're going to war!

Xeriphas1994's picture
by Xeriphas1994 - 2016, May 4 - 2:45am

Take a mechanically solid "Wizardry" dungeon grinder, spread on bright System 7 colors, and garnish with that priceless 1990s sarcasm. Not having internet back then, I couldn't believe what I was seeing when a co-worker shared this. I spent years trying to find the author and pay the 10 bucks (not realizing he couldn't accept it if the company had shut down). If you love old-school RPGs, you must try this!

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, April 17 - 3:14pm

This is now an .img.sit file, ready to use in emulators.

I3loodTeeth's picture
by I3loodTeeth - 2010, April 14 - 7:43am

I remember playing this game a fair bit, the demo anyways. This was a long time ago, and as far as I could remember you needed to re roll your party characters a lot to get some seriously cool stats. After that it was a matter of going down, moving around not far from the entrance and taking down some enemies, then going back up to town before anybody died. I had to inch my way in and avoid the traps, also saving up for good stuff was not easy, monsters came in random pack sizes, some as large as 8 or 12 (I can't remember, it was oh so long ago). Good game, but the demo only had two levels and just as I was starting to get into the swing of it, I ended the demo... so sad Sad

Knight_Ken's picture
by Knight_Ken - 2010, March 15 - 1:02pm

to watchsmart: Get a real mac then...
the game remind Dungeon master and Ultima 3(exploring the dungeon)

watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2009, April 15 - 12:31pm

I get lots and lots of lock ups in both Basilisk II and SheepShaver. Unplayable for me.