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chipwits_plus.sit (175.27 KB)
MD5: e7ea3b9955f28220c380c2dd1aacfd24
For System 1 - 5
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MD5: 3ec79f21889082aac668145c95fe3d55
For System 1 - 5
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
This game works with: Mini vMac

This is ChipWits v1.2, which is fully compatible with the Mac Plus (and the standard Mac Plus version of Mini vMac). No need to fool around with RAM disks or other trickery! (It still doesn't work on the SE or higher, though.)

One of the first simulation games for B&W Macs. You must program a robot to explore a series of rooms, collecting biscuits, cakes, as well as memory cards and other bonuses. But be aware of the perils: electric spiders and slippery oozes on the floor. The core of the game consists of programming the robot to make it behave correctly. You may fill up to 7 memory cards with basic true/false chips which determine a logical flow of actions. Really stimulating and fun. Note for arcade fans: you can also drive the robot directly attributing the keys you wish.

Original comments from the old Mac Garden:
"This game was truely one of the best ever designed. It taught logical, sequential thinking in a most entertaining and additive way. It must be brought back and made available in all platforms. It still remains the best. Nothing that has been written since has been as good, certainly not in the PC world." - Carl

"This is the sim by which all others are measured. The game's subtitle "teaching robots to think for themselves" should also have added "while the user learns logical thinking in the process". The game is immersive, addictive, and crys out for resurrection." - Alan K.

"I wrote the game with my partner Mike Johnston. Thanks for the nice words. The reason it is so touchy about running on later OS's is that I used MacFORTH to write it. MacFORTH did a lot of low-level stuff that broke every time Apple rev'ed the OS." - Doug Sharp

Architecture: 68k

Here is another excerpt from the old Macintosh Garden site, we're sure Old Iron contributed it:

Here is clarification on how I got ChipWits to run on my Mac Plus with 4MB of RAM, running System 6.08. I went back and tried running it again and kept having the error 28 about which Old Iron posted. So I did the following, which seems to let ChipWits run reliably on this hardware.

1. Install RamDisk+ 3.2.4a on my Mac Plus' HD20 running System 6.0.8.

2. Configure RamDisk+ as follows: Open the Control Panel and select RAMDisk+. Click the configuration boxes to activate the following: Create RAMdisk, Copy to RAMdisk, and Switch to RAMDisk. Click the Setup button and create a 512K RAM disk named ChipWits. Click OK. Do _not_ have RamDisk+ copy anything to the disk automatically on boot; ChipWits will not launch if it is copied by RamDisk+ for some reason.

3. Restart the Mac. When it gets to the desktop RamDisk+ will take over momentarily and create the empty RAM disk.

4. Manually copy all the files from the ChipWits folder to the RAM disk.

5. Launch ChipWits from the RAM disk. It will flash and beep; click the mouse and the application will launch. It seems to run pretty stably for me in this configuration.

Remember to save often.


CalTheOnly's picture
by CalTheOnly - 2014, August 17 - 12:13am

I do not have any emulators to play these old games, but if I ever decide to, this game will be the reason why.

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2014, March 17 - 5:22pm

I made it work by getting a .zip file out there in the internet of someone who forced custom compilations of mini-vMac with every possible settings under the sun. I took one for Mac Plus with 1 Meg of memory. However, no matter how hard I tried, the file found on this Mac Garden page simply will not run (once I've of course uncompressed the .sit archive and put it in its own .dsk image for me to use with mini-vMac). What *DID* work was my own old .dsk image on a 400 kb low density, single sided volume from previous attempts nearly 10 years ago. I still had that file in my mac emulation folders and it works perfectly. I'm wondering if I should upload this volume on Mac Garden.

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2014, March 16 - 5:40am

Hey guys! Used to be an active member around here back in 2003-2005. Chipwits was the game I could already not run when we were scrambling to get games during my childhood back in 1985-1988 but it looked so interesting. I'm trying to run it, but I'm running into graphical glitches. A lot of stuff in the programming bench appears as black rectangles. The robot itself in the maze will also appear as black rectangles. This is still much farther than I got to emulate this after my feeble attempts back in the mid 2000's.

saq's picture
by saq - 2010, June 20 - 9:07pm

Great fun - had this for years and run it on my SE. To run with no hacks you do need to have 1MB memory - more than that and it starts crashing unless you mess with it. Haven't tried it on vMac or another emulator yet, so far I just keep the 1MB SE around when I want a CW fix.